We Were In There Like Swimwear and Swam for Three Hours To A Standing Ovation.

so last night,
i gathered up my vixen and we went to see batman: the dark knight rises.
now, a fox got his ticket a while ago because it was already sold out.
due to the massacre in Colorado,
i was skeptical about even going.
i mean, OD was straight about to cancel.
but, i figured if it my time to go,
i can’t postpone the inevitable.
i did hear there was crazy police detail so it calmed me down some.
even though the NYPD ain’t shit.
we all know this…..

we got there and…

… people were already packed in the theater waiting.
police where EVERYWHERE.
anyone even tried anything and they probably would have been shot on the spot.
but what got me was so many excited faces of true fans of the series.
it was a shame that this was the last in the trilogy.
i noticed this one dusty wolf was with a dusty hoodrat fox.
as usual, fox paid for everything.
wolf looked like he could use a bath.
dingy ass wife beater, but the body was poppin’.
this particular theater is in the cut of the city (and hard to get too kinda),
so a lot of discreet wolves and foxes go there when they are trying to date.

“is this theater safe?” i asked the concession worker, in a joking way.
“yes, ” she laughed, “the police are making sure everyone was safe.”
“oh, i’m just making sure lol cause you know…”
“oh you already know! i wasn’t about to come into work today if it wasn’t.”
“shit, anyone even get up for popcorn… i’m running the FUCK out.”

we both laughed.
i noticed i like doing that.
i like talking to strangers open to conversation.
i got her open.

as I sat waiting for my vixen,
i remember how hyped i was when i saw the first two batmans.
batman begins i went on a date with a writer.
he picked me up in his drop top convertible and paid for my movie and dinner with his american express.
to bad he was an idiot.
he actually wanted to sponsor my young life.
the dark knight i was with friends and i couldn’t get over how good heath ledger played joker.
he became that twisted character that even he said consumed him.

whoever that was that took my ticket was cute as shit.
nice waves and caramel skin.
ima have to visit “neil” again.
i want neil.

when we seated, it started to fill up.
i saw people wearing batman shirts and hats.
it was pure excitement, but still terror.
people were looking around for exits.
anyone who came through the emergency exit got looked at like, “try it“.
my vixen and i were formulating exit points just in case.
but, there were workers posted up everywhere.

there was one empty seat next to me.
this fat dude and something looking exactly like this (with body to match):

… were in competition looking for one empty seat.
guess who won?
this wolf smelled so fucking good.
i really love muscles.
i made some jokes with my vixen and he laughed under his breath.
as i rested my arm on the handrail, he did too.
fast forward to his scent still on my arm even when i was home.

the movie is starting…

That movie was:

i mean, it got a standing ovation.
couple twists and turns.
it did lag, but it wasn’t that “bad” lag.
it was about 3 hours long.
i wanted it to continue forever.
christopher nolan is god.
christian bale is batman.
he makes me feel his pain.
great actor.
something about the story of batman pulls me in.
i relate with him.

bane was crazy.
he was on some new villian shit.
tom hardy played the shit out this role.
can i also tell you how much i love catwoman?
that is my main hoe.
she is such a selfish bitch… and i love every inch of her.
anne hathaway did an amazing job capturing her essence.
i take back everything i said.
even i was in the movie.
check out morgan freeman’s name.
btw, go morgan for always having work as a black man in this business.

leaving was intense.
the line was around the block.
people were waiting in the rain.
the theater was packed.
so many fine wolves in there.
i saw some that needed to be conquered,
but i didn’t have the time.
i had to pee.

neil was gone too.

i want to see that movie again.
batman inspires me.

People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy, and I can’t do that as Bruce Wayne. As a man, I’m flesh and blood. I can be ignored, I can be destroyed. But as a symbol … as a symbol, I can be incorruptible. I can be everlasting. – Bruce Wayne.

rip to all the families who lost someone who waited to enjoy this amazing movie.
my heart reaches out to you.

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  1. I really did like her take on cat woman as well and I also was skeptical too. I mean, Ann is going to go down in history as a great actress, she is so versatile.

    1. Anne Hathaway was excellent as Catwoman. Michelle Pfeiffer has been my favorite portrayal, but Anne did an awesome job.

      Sidenote: Bane is a muscle-DILF. I had spontaneous wood throughout the film. His voice was doing something to me. Awkward. SMH.

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