Reggie Bush Has A Type…

…. of shirt that makes his muscles so tasty looking.just succulent….

chick what is you doing infront of cartier?
them cameras got you excited huh?


and he also has a type for exotically looking kardashian church goers of almighty faith.
nothing wrong with that.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “Reggie Bush Has A Type…”

  1. Does this nigga even like black women? Seriously tho? She aint even really got no ass by the looks of it in that last pic.LOL. If he was even into dudes, I probably wouldn’t even be his type. LOL

    1. Rumor has it that he in fact messes with dudes on the low LOL! He’s a pretty boy type too. Kim made Reggie popular in my eyes though because no one was checking for him back then, and he’s irrelevant now after the fact.

  2. Predictable. So predictable.

    Sidenote. I don’t think Kim is as big a whore as we think she is. I don’t think these are relationships. I think these are business transactions.

    Reggie Bush needed a leading lady for his crossover appeal to help his career.
    Ray J needed to squash the rumors about his sexuality and help out his career.
    Humphries needed the same as Reggie.
    Kanye is an attention whore and needed to distract from the fact he’s a homosexual.

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