The Words “No Man” Can Actually Be Good After All

look at these faces:

all the faces of regret.
i get it.
you now have money and want to have fun.
well, go build a sand castle.
jail, losing it all, and living back in the hood should be motivation enough.

someone who continues to surprise me helped his peers with this nice “words of advice”.
everyone, lets attend the school of the OCHOCINCO

even though i feel some baller wolves don’t know how to read,
he sure made excellent points.



So you want to get wasted. The dumbest –ish you can do in 2012 is publicly party like it is 99. Mofos in the club will be live tweeting your buffoonery for the world to see. You are in the NFL, making millions and you got a mansion. Bring the party home dammit.


No need anymore. We out the hood now. Get a bodyguard if you are still that paranoid.


A Crew is not needed. Just ask Drake and Chris Brown. Roll solo, it will save you money and trouble.


No man.

Deion Sanders taught me this. You badly need a no man. Someone that tells you what you don’t want to hear like

“Are you really finna smoke, drink and of all the cars you got, you gonna drive the Ferrari to the club tonight and carry your gun with you? C’mon fooool, you gonna be on the next flight to go see Goodell”

Keep your NO man closer and yes men farther.


You are famous and there are people that will hate and test you. You can’t deal with it the way you would when you were in the hood. You need to just fallback.


Be careful of chicks and groupies. Those consenting smiles are sometimes fake. Sooner or later you might be defending yourself in a frivolous sexual assault case as she tries to stick you for your paper. Yes, some of these women “Stay Schemin”. There is a simple solution. The iPhone has an HD camera now. Make sex tapes all the time. It will make great memories and save you trouble.

If you apply these acronyms, it will save you trips to @nflcommish and you know he ain’t playing around these days.

Yours Truly,
Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson

didn’t he marry a groupie?
sorry ev.
just shining a light on one of the rules.
even still, he is right.

chad gets a +5 on his wolf star rank.

sadly, i feel these rules apply to even regular humans.
chad isn’t really out there committing any crimes.
unless attention whoring is one of them.
he has managed to stay a good boy.

…until i saw this when researching:

All it took was one Twitter follower to ask cornerback Asante Samuel if he would miss Philadelphia after being traded by the Eagles to the Atlanta Falcons for a seventh-round pick.

And just like that, a Twitter beef was born Tuesday between Samuel and Eagles fans. Somehow Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Ochocinco found himself in the middle of it, too, but more on that later.

First, the beef with Eagles fans.

“Last time I played against the Eagles I had two interceptions and 1 for a TD. #justsaying?What was they thinking!”, Samuel tweeted in response to his follower’s question.

Then there was this follow-up: “Who wins in a bird fight a Falcon or Eagle? #riseup”

After that, Samuel must have started feeling the heat, because he turned to Falcons fans for backup-aabut not without calling out Eagles fans on their loyalty.

“I need some more Falcon followers to get these Eagle’s off my back. They going hard! But they will turn on them like they always do.”, Samuel tweeted.

Yeah, that didn’t go over well with Eagles fans. But Samuel, knowing the Falcons travel to Philly Oct. 28, went full steam ahead with this tweet: “Just make sure yall booo me when I step on the field so I can get it crackin out there. #neverscared”

Pretty random, right?

And now, here’s the tweet that dragged Ochocinco into Samuel’s trash-talking session roughly five hours later: “where is @ochocinco He still has a chance to catch a ball on me. Its been about 7 years now. Oh yah congrats on the wedding”

Ocho’s response was succinct.

“Dude i’ll whoop your (expletive) …”,he tweeted back.

To which Samuel responded: “Dude you can’t fight! @ochocinco i bet your wife box and run better routes then you. Duh!”

That elicited this last tweet from Ocho: “Preseason i’m slapping u in pre-game”

Well, all right, then. At least we have a reason to get pumped for the Falcons-Dolphins preseason game on Aug. 24.


so chad,
what’s your rule onfighting on twitter?
isn’t this rule F:


You are famous and there are people that will hate and test you. You can’t deal with it the way you would when you were in the hood. You need to just fallback.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “The Words “No Man” Can Actually Be Good After All”

  1. Twitter beefs are common; still won;t get you arrested or a police record. I’ll give him a pass.

  2. Chad is a clown sometimes, but he’s a veteran football player and he’s smart with a lot of wisdom. I’m glad he choose to do this, those young cats need to learn how to control themselves. I aint too worried about that Twitter beef they just exchanging words.

  3. Im mad one got arrested for pulling the fire alarm…. I used to do that all the time in school… LOL

  4. Like the ol saying goes, you can take a man out of his environment but you can’t take the influence out of that man……

    Okay I REALLY wanted to say that you can take the man out of the _________ but you can’t take the ____________ out of the man.

    Give a man million dollars and he is STILL going to be who he is, just richer.

    I am never surprise when I hear about these men in the sports and the ratchetness that happens around them..

    Some come from a praying mama (thank you JEZ—US!) but a lot of times they come from humble beginnings and they don’t know to live the past where it belongs.

    More money only equals more problems.

    I can’t help but to like Chad though…I like his spirit.

    Celebrities should stay off of twitter..

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