A Pre Baller Wolf Gets Naked?

DIRTY_phpcbWPFSaundre dean who plays for the TCU Horned Frogs,
(what the…?),
decided to get into a mini peep show on thedirty.com


judging from the size,
is it a tadpole?

lowkey: can we get the picture without the heart…
or should we just leave that pebble covered?

18 thoughts on “A Pre Baller Wolf Gets Naked?

  1. Y’all are some sick fuckers!!! Why is this dudes “package” even the subject here? If anything this young man needs some help and guidance! & to the person who said they saw the gay video how can you say it’s him based off looks….show the proof! Y’all need Jesus!

    1. Well his package was on the subject on thedirty.com. You need to contact that site about this player’s package being on the internet. Maybe if Aundre wasn’t sending his little package all over, it wouldnt be delivered to websites. Jamari reports the news and his or your package was the news.

    2. I didn’t talk about his dick, but c’mon One we all love men including you, so don’t bring that Jesus mess up in here ok, STOP IT. If your here you are just as “sick”(as you say) as we are if you get what I mean. Somebody may tell you that you need Jesus if they knew you like men. See it doesn’t feel too great to judge someone else now does it?
      Pot calling the kettle black. SMH

      You know what they say, if you give a person enough rope they will hang themselves every time.

    3. Yall giving this assclown alot of words. You’re on a gay website dumbass. We talk issues, but occasionally ass and dick’s are gonna be on display here. Mad about that shit? Click the red X top right hand.

  2. He’s kinda cute. He seems like he’s the type of dude who all of us could trick into getting down. Now matter what the position is. Have y’all ever meet those types? You have that gut feeling that if you ask him he’ll just be willing to try it as long as you don’t tell nobody. LOL.

  3. He was on a video on myvidster where he’s getting jacked off by some white dude…one of those infamous athlete physical videos. I guess he’s about that alternative type of life LMAO!

      1. I can’t find it, somehow it must have been remove….I knew instantly when I saw his face though who he was. I’ll try to look some more tho

    1. I’ve seen that video actually… He’s definitely bigger than that picture makes it look! I’ll see if I can find the link!

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