imagine if blm stormed the capitol building today?

i was having a morning and decided to take a nap because i needed to step away from everything.
so i put my phone on dnd and was outta here.
when i woke up,
i had a million messages asking if i seeing wtf was going on in the forests.
so i wake up,
cold in my eye and shit,
and as soon as i turn on the cnn and saw this mess at the capitol building

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jussie smollett’s lawyer claims the joker allegedly jumped jussie

i mean,
when you have trump mad af on twitter:

jussie IS the embarrassment to our nation?
he must be stopped then.
*super side eye commences*
well jussie’s lawyer is allegedly still talking.
the foot is down the throat continues here via “the daily mail“…
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We Were In There Like Swimwear and Swam for Three Hours To A Standing Ovation.

so last night,
i gathered up my vixen and we went to see batman: the dark knight rises.
now, a fox got his ticket a while ago because it was already sold out.
due to the massacre in Colorado,
i was skeptical about even going.
i mean, OD was straight about to cancel.
but, i figured if it my time to go,
i can’t postpone the inevitable.
i did hear there was crazy police detail so it calmed me down some.
even though the NYPD ain’t shit.
we all know this…..

we got there and…

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Ya’ll Respect The Shot, but Jamari Respects The Shooter.

the joker.
the riddler.
poison ivy.

i have always been a fan of superheroes.
but, I have always been a bigger fan of super villains.
something about them intrigued me.
the reasons for why they turned “bad” were often valid points.

joker wanted batman to smile.
poison ivy wanted people to treat the planet better.
venom kills people who commit any crimes.
magneto hated how people treated mutants.
cat woman wasn’t “bad”, she was more versatile.

but, I often wondered if these people were really “bad”,
or were they just hurt?
I started to wonder…

Is there such a thing as a genuinely “good guy“?

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Jamari Fox’s Revenge

I love Batman: Arkham City.
It is one of the best games I have played in a while.
I beat it in 2 weeks (I had a job and other shit going on).

 I was told they were re-releasing the game with a new part called:

I was excited as shit because I wanted the game to just keep on going.
I will not want to give away the game ending as to WHY my crazy little HQ wants revenge,
but IMO it is not really worth 10 bucks paying for it.
It is pretty short and it goes by fast once you get up in it.
You should beat in an hour or two, if you really put your back into it.

I have posted the Youtube videos of the actual game play of Harley’s Revenge.
You can see for yourself if you want to make that purchase….

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