imagine if blm stormed the capitol building today?

i was having a morning and decided to take a nap because i needed to step away from everything.
so i put my phone on dnd and was outta here.
when i woke up,
i had a million messages asking if i seeing wtf was going on in the forests.
so i wake up,
cold in my eye and shit,
and as soon as i turn on the cnn and saw this mess at the capitol building

I was blown away.

i had to ask myself if i was still dreaming.

i was in some lucid ass dream that i’ll wake up from and feel i was dimension-hopping.

trump had his moment and he took it.
he saw how the votes in ga turned out and knew this was his moment.
his rabid goons are like attack dogs.
i’m here to font ya’ll…

This won’t be the last moment.

these next 2 weeks are about to show it’s entire ass.
i tole ya’ll trump was the joker.
he knows how to create chaos and act like the victim.

^that is some real “frank underwood from house of cards” shit.
i’ll font this…

Black folks,
stay yo ass outta this.
Get your groceries,
stock up,
and keep your head down.
Let these folks lose their shit and use this opportunity to rise.

i am sending prayers to all my foxhole all over the us.
stay safe and out of this madness.
love ya.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “imagine if blm stormed the capitol building today?”

  1. Trump showed and told the US and the world how lawless he was for four straight years. It was no surprise his rabid supporters marched to the Capitol and invaded it to push his coup. He kept saying he was not going to accept the election results, even though it was clear a majority of voters (and the country) was sick of his corrupt, racist, traitorous *ss! The coup participants all be arrested and prosecuted, but above all, Trump and all his enablers in the GOP and media should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    And yes, had these been Black protesters they’d have been shot on sight! Rev. Warnock, the new US Senator from Georgia, was arrested for peacefully praying at a protest in the rotunda in 2017! The National Guard and other police forces were out in force this past summer when BLM protested in DC, and had teargas used on them to clear the space so that Trump could stage his fake Bible stunt in front of that historic church.

    Black people get killed by cops for almost nothing all the time (Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, George Floyd, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, John Crawford, etc.–the list is ENDLESS & goes back 200+ years), so don’t get it twisted, these Yt supremacist rebels (some had neo-Nazi slogans and gear on, many had Confederate flags, etc.) were allowed to run amok. Also, they chanted to “hang” the VP of the US. If you think they weren’t serious you need a serious wake up call!

  2. The white woman who was shot yesterday in the Capitol was former military and a Trump supporter. She was shot by a Capitol Police Officer.

    About 50 people were arrested later by DC Police. Numerous DC Police were injured, one seriously.

    The insurrectionists were so bold and brazen they mugged for pictures in media. The FBI is asking people who recognize them to forward identifying information.

    I find the restraint by police to have amazing and unacceptable. Hundreds of the terrorists should have been shot down. Elected officials were cowering under desks as the marauders invaded the United States Capitol. Capitol Police Leadership should be relieved of their duties.

  3. Nothing new if your shocked were have you been this is what it is period same thugs in sheep clothes

  4. These white folks done lost their minds and Trump allow this to happen?? Boy ppl in other countries are laughing Trump and his antic allow these individual to desecrate the capital. This man will go down in history leaving a bad streak and what a show he is putting like in a movie

  5. This is so disheartening to have witnessed this today and all the events since this disturb , vile ,ignorant and repugnant soulless empty shell of a human Trump and his supporters reacted to losing the election.

    The world needed to see this to further cement what we have always experienced in this country and it’s unbalanced justice for me and my fellow Americans of African descent.I wish it wasn’t always about race,but unfortunately it is!!! “America was founded on Race”.Simply ask the Native Americans.

  6. White privilege at it’s best, had it been BLM, there would have been dead bodies everywhere, Trump is a TRAITOR and far as I’m concerned those who support that clown are traitors too! He needs to be ousted immediately, his supporters are stupid, uneducated suckers that got played! They need to read Thessalonians 2:11. What a loser. Chump,gump,dump,lump,

  7. Today would happen just when I try to get from up under this dark cloud of heaviness because of everything else already going on. Loss two people I know back to back and one tried to take their life. While another person I know is deathly ill. smh. Trump has brought out the worst in this country. I cannot believe people still try to justify his actions/words along with what happened today. Had this been any other group of people they wouldn’t have made it past the lawn. This is America. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  8. Must it always be about race omggggg. Must it always be about us. So a crisis happens and the first thing out of my black people mouth is not about the safety of others but oh if that was black people scenario. Not to mention BLM did damage to businesses, police and etc that is wayyyyyy worse that anything that they are doing today

    1. Oh I’m sorry, let’s not make it about race. Let’s make it about how people like you make people like me want to vomit. Who died? What possible reason do they have to storm the place? What change will be accomplished by doing so? All because you think someone won unfairly? Disgraceful!

      1. dark one thats what u will b remembered for is in the DARK blame Our President Trump all u want cause some of us know the TRUTH BLM ,Fuhrer Biden & all his comrades know the Election was Rigged Get Honest The Truth Will Set U Free,But once a Crook always a CROOK BLM & Democrap supporters were Paid to Run in the Capital Money talks not Truth never has never will,Take ur Free stuff & see where it gets u in the End My President Trump will always b The Greatest President & Fuhrer Biden will go down as a Pervert putting his hands all over women & little Girls, I am a 73 yr. old woman & i saw that little Girl twinge when Fuhrer Biden touched her it turned my Stomache

    2. Did damage to business vs committing treason

      You’re a thorough and complete idiot.

    3. Can you gone with that uncle tom shit period you love pink privilege so much go to Washington and join them bet they dont welcome u

    4. I thought it was just me CodyS. I’m tired of the oppression olympics that some black people (who have reduced themselves to perpetuate victimhood) & SJW’s seem to get a kick out of. It’s boring.

      Idc who doesn’t like it either, we don’t all have to agree on everything. We aren’t a monolithic race.

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