lil nas x might do that top shit for bobby lytes on the low?

there is this one wolf who likes me,
but his “doing too much” turns me tf off.
i’m not attracted to him,
but he makes it known that he is interested.
i’ll never forget when he “accidentally” sent me his nudes.


my pineapple?
i proceeded to cuss his ass out.
don’t fuckin’ send me nudes i didn’t ask for pineapple.
he is still on it tho,
but i’m good.
as you know,
lil nas x is bobby lytes “googly eyes”.
remember this from the mtv music award in 2019:

lil nas x did bobby lytes a favor in acknowledgment in 2021.
he went on “the morning hustle show” and they asked him about bobby…

the good news is he thinks he’s cute!

that is a good sign beside “next question”.
i can kinda see these two together:

the way i do things,
i’m chill when i’m around someone i’m interested in.
even if i’m in full “googly eyes” on the inside,
i keep that contained.
when we talk,
i’ll touch his arms and give full eye contact to let him know i’m feeling them too.
oftentimes tho,
i let them come to me rather than me always going to them.
i keep a healthy distance for the chase.
wolves beez weird nowadays and get spooked easily when you show them too much attention.
nothing worst than being desperate and thirsty when someone is backing up.
you don’t push when they’re pulling away.

i feel like bobby has done too much,
especially with his onlyfans career.
when you put your sex out there too much,
all a pineapple is gonna wanna do is hit anyway.
you wear him down enough,
he’ll fuck the shit outta you and ghost.
i’ve learned that you gotta give enough,
but know when to pull back.
that is a skill most folks don’t master.
the ones who have males climbing the walls are the most laidback of them all.

lowkey: you gotta learn mystique and how to pick up on social cues too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “lil nas x might do that top shit for bobby lytes on the low?”

  1. I know fem x fem couples are promoted today But nas seems like he wants to be the diva in the relationship they could go shop together maybe

  2. Bobby doesn’t truly want to date Lil Nas X. He wants the association so his music can be taken seriously and chart. Bobby wants to be where Cardi B is. She’s the only Love and Hip Hop success story (besides Spice who was always huge in the Caribbean)

  3. Sidebar: Nas X is handsome. People don’t say it but I can tell the Black gays don’t think he’s cute. He has great skin, friendly eyes and a cute nose. His lips are normal for Black men but always moisturized and not chapped this winter. The he could be my little brother and he only dates white by Black gays will only last so long before they compare him to that gay NFL player nobody wanted.

    Lil Nas X has a thing for lighter-skinned Black men so don’t count him out just yet. I don’t want to put him on blast………He seems like a genuine, self-confident, self-aware sweet guy.

    1. I think he’s cute. I love his prominent African features and dark brown skin. He’s very sexy. He also is smart, has a great sense of humor, is confident but also possesses humility, and knows how to craft catchy songs. He also seems to like Black men, so some brotha with good sense should snap him up. I’m already married but I urge others to step up!

  4. …the way I see it is it’s sad, Lil Nas X wanna be pretty so bad it’s a shame. He is so far from pretty that he will never reach it. Handsome yes…pretty never. Makes him look like a goofy when he tries to beautify himself imho. You gotta know your lane people.

    1. lol. Everybody deserves love. And everyone deserves to find someone in life who finds them attractive. But handsome? Cute? LMAO.

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