jussie smollett’s lawyer claims the joker allegedly jumped jussie

i mean,
when you have trump mad af on twitter:

jussie IS the embarrassment to our nation?
he must be stopped then.
*super side eye commences*
well jussie’s lawyer is allegedly still talking.
the foot is down the throat continues here via “the daily mail“…

Jussie Smollett’s lawyer has finally offered an explanation for why he told police he thought his Nigerian attackers were white: they could have been wearing make-up. 

In an interview on Today, Tina Glandian claimed that Smollett did not recognize the Abel and Ola Osundairo when they attacked him on January 29 and that it still has not been proven that it was them, despite the fact that Smollett identified a photograph of the pair as his attackers before he was ever arrested and even though they had just been on the phone with him. 

When he learned it was them once they were in custody, Glandian said, Smollett ‘found it hard to believe’ because he had told that he could make out one had ‘pale or white skin’ around his eyes beneath the ski mask he was wearing.

It was not a lie, she insisted, adding that the reason for it could have been that the brothers were in ‘disguise’.   

He did tell police that from what he saw, he thought it was white or pale skin, that’s what he initially said. 

‘Obviously, you can disguise that. You can put make-up on,’ she said. 

She went on to point to a 2016 YouTube video of Abel Osundairo, the brother in question, where he is wearing white make-up to perform a Joker monologue as potential proof of her theory

There’s a video, it took me all of five minutes when I was looking into the brothers, to of one of the brothers in whiteface doing the Joker monologue,’ she said.   

this is the video of abel,
1/2 of the mandingo warrior wolves,
in question:

i’m waiting for the:

…because this is the whole mess.
i’m waiting for the director to yell cut.
all we need now is the “alien abduction” cherry on top.

lowkey: this part tho…

this is all so bizarre…

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “jussie smollett’s lawyer claims the joker allegedly jumped jussie”

  1. I’m done.
    Don’t give a damn if he lied or not. Jesus could of attacked him IDGAF.
    Got too much shit going on with this story to the point this is distracting us from something substantial and I have my own shit to deal with.
    I don’t ever want to hear this man’s name again.

    1. Facts and I’m with him. The nigga got off so y’all should be celebrating and shutting the fuck up not gassing it up and relighting it.

  2. I immediately saw Trump’s tweet and laughed. I don’t take America seriously anymore. The fact they have a baffoon currently in office calling someone out as an embrrasment & generating almost 80,000 likes and just as much retweets is the epitome of Idiocracy to me. He should be concerned about starting World War III and the dying society of an aching Generation Z in America. This is like watching an episode of Empire on repeat. I feel like I’ve been hog tied and dragged into someone’s trashcan fantasy.

        1. First of all, Jussie need to tell his attorney to put the shut to the up! Second of all, let me know when the porn parody of Jussie and the Nigerians comes out.

  3. As the old Saints say-There is a Shift in the Atmosphere. Something major is taking shape in the world and it seems to be that white male patriarchy is on the way out and they are trying to hold on as best they can but history nor time is on their side. This orange shit stain is only allowed to stay in office to do their bidding as they stack the courts with batshit crazy right wing ideologues who are going to try to stop history and progress as a last grasp to hold on to their fading powers. Thanks to all of us being connected so many people are tired and are at the point of IDGAF that it is only going to be a matter of time before people realize their own power and rise up in the streets refusing to be held captive by the system. This motherfucker is tweeting about a D-List Actor while he and his family commit major felonies. It is all distraction. Jussie team is playing their game and the MAGAT’s are pissed that somebody Black would have the nerve. This incident has caused him to have international world wide fame, although its a negative incident, money cant buy this type of publicity, and his career will survive and now he will go down in history especially with conspiracy theorist, people will be trying to figure this out for a long time. It seems that when people of color beat the system that is not design for them to beat, the powers that be have to find a way to squash us, because we may have the nerve to think that it is going to work for us like they claim it is supposed too. Sadly they are using so many of us to do their dirty work by speaking out against him but they never encourage us to speak out against one of their darlings. I see through all of this bullshit. I would encourage you all to read, read and read some more and prepare yourself for this crazy ride we are about to embark on. Dont be surprised if this country collapses by 2020.

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