shaun drake puts his back in to it?

we couldn’t have a hump day,
and fontin’ about lamonte last night,
without mentioning shaun d aka shaun drake today.
as you know,
shaun is part of the “exotic paintings” with lamonte.
he’s know how his gigantic tail as well.
a foxholer sent me this today…

he looks like he couldn’t get her all the way up,
but he played it off real well.
does he let folks,
especially the male kind,
oil down his gigantic tail?
if you go,
let me know.

lowkey: i’ll need him not to bounce pecs tho…

you know thats my foxhole weakness.

go check out shaun d: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “shaun drake puts his back in to it?”

  1. I like Shaun more than Lamonte. I could care less that Shaun’s peen is smaller and that he’s shorter than Lamonte. He’s cuter and got a fat azz. I know I’m 110% fox, but I’ve learned appreciate a nice tail. I like having something to grab/squeeze on when I’m in missionary…

  2. Black is sooooooooo Beautiful… Skin. Thick lips, Full Nose ( My own opinion ha ha ha ) I love his features

    1. Preach! I’m all for all shades of brown skin, those thick lips and full nose, broad shoulders, that booty of life…and I love me nappy hair too. Out of this crew Lamonte and that other little bearded wolf are my favorites. Push all up on me, hunty. I just may have to check out one of these tip and faint, I mean, sip and paint gatherings.

      1. Yass melanin popping but you can keep the nappy hair part. I’m here for the rest of it. This guy is cuter in the face but Lamontes dick is special. I need a man that I can eat out and he can suck my dick while still being able to smash my cakes.

  3. This is nice. These dark men are a treat to the eyes for sure. I still think Lamonte is sexier. Lamonte has that killer smile that working him. Both men are great though. I love a man with a nice muscle ass period. I always look at a man’s butt to see if it’s grab worthy. Ain’t nothing better than squeezing your man booty while he pumpupu missionary.

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