alexa play: “before you walk out my life” for monica and shannon brown

awww this is sad news,
but i kinda saw this coming a mile away.
so monica and “chris brown lite”,
shannon brown,
are dunzo via “tmz“…

Monica’s officially calling it quits with her ex-NBA baller husband, Shannon Brown … she’s filed for divorce.

The singer filed the paperwork earlier this month in Atlanta. Monica and Shannon have a 5-year-old daughter named Laiyah together, and she has 2 sons from a previous relationship with rapper Rocko.

So far there are no details on whether she’s seeking child or spousal support … but we’ve learned Monica was unsuccessful in sealing the divorce docs.

shannon’s last ig:

…and of course,
monica is giving full “hood” in hers:

i felt like this was coming.
shannon fell off career wise.
monica loves her a goon.
i always felt she tried to turn him into this hood wolf.
was he ever one?
this was when he was an alltime snack:

he is aging well tho:


i’d like to see the braids go shannon.
monica is aging really good too:

is she using an app????
her picture quality is amazing.
they didn’t really appear happy these last few years either.
in my eyes,
they were kinda just there for her usual photo shoots.
is shannon working?
if not,
she will be dishing out some nice spousal for him.
that might be nice.
on the brighter side,
monica should brings us a really good “heart break” album.
i hope they can split peacefully.

lowkey: don’t get shot shannon.
monica packs heat.

article cc: tmz

11 thoughts on “alexa play: “before you walk out my life” for monica and shannon brown

  1. I love me some Monica and I hope she turns this into one helluva album. Shannon was a good look until he got benched and dropped but a nigga that philanders yet can’t keep a job has got to go. I hope his dick pics leak cuz he gives big dick energy. I wish them the best!

  2. Saw this coming. Shannon is fine though… as far as pics, she has a dope photographer from Dallas who’s almost always with her now. Why she needs a full time photographer? I don’t know 😂

  3. Add me to the not surprise list. Monica has always came off to me as a disingenuous person. It is something about her energy that has always rub me the wrong way when I have seen her on TV during interviews, since she was a teenager. She reminds of so many married Black women who try a little to hard to tell you how happy and bless they are, like they are really trying to convince you. It was rumbling years ago that he was a typical athlete cheating with mistresses all across these United States and she looked the other way or tried to go in on the messengers who were bringing her the news. She seems like she is messy and petty but she thinks that if she throws a few biblical verses and hallelujahs in the mix everything is okay. I may be off base, but I do not think that he would have given her the time of day had she not been a celebrity and not saying that he is anybody special but I feel the same way about Kandi Burris and Todd Tucker who Monica reminds me a lot of. I guess it may just be a southern woman thing but celebrity relationships are on another level and they are far from normal and both Monica and Kandi seemed to be the type to let men run over and control them. The few times that Monica and her soon to be ex-husband have been spotted together, there was never any chemistry between them. Sadly I heard years ago that her ex Rocko, her children’s father was DL Trade, so if that is true, I am sure Monica is not here for gay men. Honestly, I can see her with a security guard or a regular hood dude who works at Fed-Ex or the Airport of course cute with muscles-LOL! I am sure Miss Thang will bounce back and already has some stand in good southern peen blowing her back to smithereens.

  4. Not surprised she is part of the Halle, Jennifer, Mary and Fantasia group; where their relationship always seem to fail.

  5. Shannon never seemed into her and I think she still loved Rocko. Oh well yall Goonica is single again!

  6. Not surprised by this! I mean you don’t have to post your significant other all the time but damn at least once in a while is cool!

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