jussie smollett lawyer wants the mandingo brothers to pay

ya know,
if i got off from a crime that nearly landed my tail in jail,
i’d be on the next flight to some remote island.
it would be me,
getting right with God,
and laying on a beach somewhere.
i’d be tanned and ready to start work in a few months.
not jussie smollett tho.
he wants to keep the flames going via “the daily mail”

Empire star Jussie Smollett’s lawyer is trying to shift attention back to two brothers who told police they were paid by the actor to help stage a racist attack on him.

After all 16 charges were dropped against Smollett, his lawyer Patricia Brown Holmes said investigators should look into the role of Abimbola ‘Abel’ Osundairo and Olabinjo ‘Ola’ Osundairo, who are of Nigerian descent.

Ms Holmes said: ‘The two men who attacked him have indicated that they attacked him, so we already know who attacked him.’

tell your lawyer to sit her ass down.
this should be the part he “goes away for a while”.
didn’t jussie tell us that his attackers were allegedly “white”?

Is he ready to relive all the quotes from that GMA interview?

i think he needs to be booking that ticket.
i’m already trying to move on from this scandal,
but it’s starting to look like a cockroach.
maybe even a fly?
the story should go away in a week.
let’s not start the hunt.

lowkey: the f-bi is still investigating jussie.
does he realize this?

article cc: daily mail

24 thoughts on “jussie smollett lawyer wants the mandingo brothers to pay

  1. I am just catching up with these post.

    Whew chile… the leash(term a group of foxes) went in on Jussie’s behind like Atlanta trade on MLK weekend,

  2. I’m against violence but somebody need to shake some sense into this child, and fast. What is he thinking? All the MAGAts are frothing at bringing him down, and now he’s about to go after the sexy Nigerian-American muscle wolves who allegedly helped him pull of the stunt queenery he apparently got away with? Is he out of his mind? Just stop while you’re ahead, Jussie. You finessed this mess like a pro, but quit while you’re ahead. Go tell Lee Daniels you are going to keep it together, get some help for that little drug problem you confessed to, and get back to your work. All this extra drama you’re stirring up could devour you faster than you can say “Jamal Lyon.”

  3. He parading around like Trump saying he’s exonerated, and even though they both “got off” to a degree…there’s still receipts out there to take them both down. Jussie go sit down somewhere. Apparently there is damaging info that can hurt you. May not be charged again due in part to double jeopardy, but the info could damage you if it got out. If those brothers start talking…it might REALLY get interesting. Tell your lawyer to leave it alone.

  4. I want to know why the brothers attorney Gloria Schmidt quit.I am also curious why no friends or relatives of the brothers have gone on social media defending them,vouching for their character.The charges have been dismissed so they are free to do an interview and defend themselves.Today on GMA another attorney Tina Gandlian said the brothers are lying, so defend your name if you are telling the truth.They should welcome a lawsuit because they can defend their name and expose Jussie.I’m sure the public who believe Jussie is lying wil pay for their legal expenses

    It makes absolutely no sense why with all the evidence the prosecutor claims they had for that office to dismiss 16 charges.So they are either incompetent,lying,have been bribed,etc. in either case the office needs to be investigated.This is bigger than Jussie so let’s investigate everybody,the police leaks,the misinformation,lies,across the board.

    BTW Jussie did not do community service.Another lie

    1. The brothers probably are being paid to stay quiet and/or take the wrap for Jussie. People do strange things for change all the time. I dont put nothing past nobody.

      1. ^lmao i was dreading he was a cancer with this fuckery.
        i thought i read he was one.

        eta: okay his birthday is june 21st.
        cancer starts on the 22nd.
        cancer cusp?

        1. his sun & moon are in the last degrees of gemini.

          *pushes him into the cancer pool* there y’all go πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        2. So Smollet’s a Gemini/Cancer cusp, that explains that crying interview on Good Morning America and why he was promoting himself the “gay Tupac”. Gemini negative traits include attention-seeking, insecurity, anxious, superficial, unreliable. Cancer negative traits include playing the victim, suspiciousness,overemotional,clinginess (they can have a hard time letting things or people go and/or getting over things) and moodiness. Add all this together in one person with heavy Gemini influence in their chart, and you’ll understand why everything played out the way it did if Smollet allegedly was pulling stunts for a bigger paycheck/role on Empire.

          1. i peeped his chart. a few things popped out at me.

            don’t get me started, ill read his ass down lol

          2. i’ll try to keep it simple…

            1. he’s a triple gemini; sun, moon, AND rising. gemini energy on the lower level can be the trickster.

            2. his chart ruler, mercury(gemini rising), is in gemini(the sign it rules) BUT falls in 12th house. the 12th house can be foggy and unclear, almost delusional since its the house thats ruled by pisces/neptune. the 12th house is the psychic realm and the collective. it also represents jail and mental institutions. he almost went to jail(12th house) for telling lies(mercury).

            3. his sun and moon fall in the 1st house(house of self/personality). a lot of planets in the 1st house can make a ‘ME ME ME’ type of person.

            4. he has mars in libra. i doubt he fought back. mars in libra is not physical aggressive. mars doesnt do well in libra since mars rules aries, which is libra’s opposite. mars in air aigns fight with words, not hands.

            5. neptune falls in the 7th house. the 7th house is the house of relationships and other ppl(us). neptune here can create confusion in his personal relationships. this is probably why the story seems so fishy and all over the place.

            theres more but i’ll leave it at that lol. his chart overall is really charming af.

  5. It seems pretty clear Smollet is an attentionisto. He is a Gemini just like Trump and Kanye West, and a DOUBLE Gemini at that so yeah, he got the attention-seeking, ego-maniacal, charismatic tendencies. I’m not surprised that he is thrusting himself back into the spotlight after this emotional rollercoaster drama, more drama than an episode of Empire! Man, if this guy wasnt on famous on TV, I guarantee he’d be Insta-fame whoring it up. But you know what they say, pride goeth before the fall.

  6. He’s already on that fuck shit. if he’s not careful somebody going to leak those court paper, where he cut a deal.

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