lamonte’s thick ass thighs save lives?

*the following entry is xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

so the foxhole did it again.
i was at work,
minding my business,
and i saw i got a message on twitter sometime in the late afternoon.
a foxholer sent me the following video from a recent “exotic paintings”.
did i get horny
super quick?
it was lamonte and those thick thighs in action…


i have chills.
feel my arms…
do you see how his thick ass thighs look behind her?
it’s like they work as a springboard.
i think my love fo pecs is being pushed to the side by “thick thighs”.
i’m really lovin’ wolves who don’t skip leg day.

lamonte shows tf out at these paint n sips:

…and allows males do touch him with no kind of issues.
he explained why he isn’t “hard” at these events:

i mean…

…it makes sense.
i don’t really care.
i’m not like the rest.
the rest need an explanation for every fuckin’ thing.
i’m not hard to please.

I don’t give a fuck unless it breaks the law

other than that i just need more “leg and thighs” please.
i don’t need lamonte to speak.
the next “exotic paintings” dates are:

Miami 4/13
NYC 4/5 4/12
Dallas 3/29
Charlotte 3/29
Richmond 3/30
ATL 3/22 3/23 4/6 4/20

you can sign up ( x here ).
you can tell lamonte i said:

“Oh hey…”

lowkey: his thighs do things to me.
i don’t get it.

pictures/videos cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “lamonte’s thick ass thighs save lives?”

  1. Big pecs and thick thighs are my weakness as well. I wouldn’t call his thighs thick, but they are nice and well toned.

          1. Its ok there are better ones. He is the type to post a 50 second video and ask for a tip $10 for the rest of the video. .

  2. He’s one of the finer wolves you posted. His nice chocolate skin and toned body saves him. Personally, I think he’d be far sexier without that beard but he still nice looking regardless in the case and I’d def have sex with him just like in the first vid. He the type that will smack you on the ass and pull your by the hair, jockstrap or shirt when he hitting it from the back.

    And I bet it feels good to feel his pelvis slapping up against you booty cheeks.

  3. Boy oh boy, speaking of hard. I instantly got hard when he raised homegirl’s shorts and was dry hitting it from the back. I think I might need to go to one of these events when they come back to my city. I would love to get picked up and felt up by him, and his boys.

  4. Those painting events are trashy lol. Aint no painting going on just dry humping and ainr no straight man letting a man grab his dick… PERIODT!!!!!

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