the foxhole is wyldin tf outtttttt! (BIG NEWS)

recently on the foxhole,
there have been major loading issues.
sometimes the site won’t load or it would take forever to refresh.
i called my hosting company to find out what was going on.
the gentleman told me:

“So your site is running slow because you get a lot of traffic.”

how much traffic,
you ask?
well per the stats

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chick-fil-a hatches up another scandal

 i have a confession for the foxhole.
remember when i went down to florida,
like years ago,
to go and stay with karaoke for a while?

That was the first time I ever had Chick-Fil-A

judge me if you must.
i was very “eh” on it.
it made me sick the second time i tried it.
i prefered this one spot,
i could get with them.
at my last job,
chick-fil-a was around the corner.
my home vixen put me on to their cobb salad and that was good.
i haven’t eaten there in like a year tho.
chick-fil-a doesn’t likethe gays.
i was late in learning they’re an OD christian establishment.
they donated quite a bit of money to anti-lgbtq groups and well…
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“I Donated 100 Million To Texas! I Won As Best Donator Ever!”

no one has to know when you do a good thing.
charity work and donations don’t need to be advertised.
i’m noticing something with all the celebs donating to texas recently.


look at this recent video from drake
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PETA Gonna Wear Rihanna If She Don’t Stop Wearing Fur

you know rihanna loves her fur.
she wears fur when the mood strikes.
that is usually often.
well peta,
who would probably assault you if you have a lucky rabbit’s foot,
wrote rihanna a nice/nasty letter.
oh yeah.
this is what they had to font
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TLC Is Begging For Money

TLC-04-25-12first of all i love and respect tlc,
but i hate that tlc is going out like this.

so they want fans to fund their final album.
they feel like going independent will let them be more in control.
this is what they said on the kickstarter website
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Venom Is Trying His Hardest To Penetrate Into That Wallet

no, this is not about that venom.
this entry is about another venom.
this one:

… bet you didn’t know the other “venom” was coming out with a movie.
…and not the one you may think.

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