Venom Is Trying His Hardest To Penetrate Into That Wallet

no, this is not about that venom.
this entry is about another venom.
this one:

… bet you didn’t know the other “venom” was coming out with a movie.
…and not the one you may think.

venom aka kevyn mines has a story to tell.
don’t let the big dick and the fat cheeks fool you.
kevyn actually is trying to go places.
in his new movie “the way to kevyn“…

it actually explores his life for a year and a half as he works to own a porn company.
what got me is that in all this porn,
he is actually a huge christian…. and a mime.

either way, he needs your help.
look at this excerpt from his website:

We believe Kevyn’s story has the power and scope to impact many people but we need your help. Film festival submissions range from $25 to $100 per entry. Please help us reach (and surpass) our goal! The more we submit, the more chances we have of getting selected and having our story told to the world. With an original soundtrack and a fascinating subject, how can you go wrong!


lowkey: i would LOVE your opinion on this.
please let me know what you are thinking.

14 thoughts on “Venom Is Trying His Hardest To Penetrate Into That Wallet

  1. Lol. I met Kevin a few times. He’s an avid comic book reader in all things Spider man. I remember one time designing the dvd cover to one of his porno films from Chocolate Cream co…and he says, he has the biggest dick in his family. I thought that was pretty bizarre as well as funny. He’s got an ego…not a terrible one…but an ego at that.
    He’s much smaller in person…not short…just not as big body wise. The thing that really struck me about him is…he’s really a handsome guy; and you would think he would’ve used that first and foremost to model. But i guess someone caught that package between his legs and introduced him to the industry….the rest is history.
    It’ll be a challenge if he tries to go mainstream, because that’s very rare…especially for a black man that happens to be catering to the gay industry.

  2. I know a Liberian minister who is gay and loves to freak. He once told me that sexuality and spirituality are closely linked.
    He said he is horniest the Mondays after he preaches.
    Have you ever watched a woman get happy at church? I swear it looks to me like an orgasm. So I understand what preacher is saying.
    And so I can’t judge Venom either. Western Anglo/Saxon Puritan culture has made sex such a dirty word when it is really a natural, human thing, as essential in some ways as eating and sleeping. It’s all about balance I guess.
    If he wants to be in church and do porn that is fine, as long as he is not using spirituality as a way to assuage feeling guilty for what he does.
    The only concern I have is that he is a young man who has painted himself into a corner. It seems like once you are in porn that’s all you can do. It’s a trap. No matter what he does in life someone can always go on Google and download dozens of his clips in seconds.
    And what’s up with his relationship with the older white dude who says he pays his bills? I see black guys (especially ones with big dicks) get into those types of relationships all the time.
    My advice to Venom…get some counseling. Yeah, do the porn thing if you want but edcucate yourself (a business degree or cinematic arts degree) so in another decade you are not another aging, washed up porn actor still trying to makee it as a producer.


    1. I agree with everything said here. Especially on the counseling tip.

      I’ve seen Venom in person. He’s not as tall or as big bodied as his films would have you believe.

    2. I agree w/Immanuel. It seems like he’s tryna to break out of porn into larger things — I believe the miming & ministry is his real passion. However, I’m not aware of any porn star who’s even really ‘made it’ mainstream. At least he’s tryna own the company & make more money that way…I wish him the best.

    3. You’re so right when you said:The only concern I have is that he is a young man who has painted himself into a corner. It seems like once you are in porn that’s all you can do.
      Kevin…he’s not a very bright guy when it comes to taking charge of his career. He’s work in a lot of porn…with different companies; and if that’s the route he’s trying to go now by launching his own porn company; i think he may have missed the boat by several years.
      And yeah…if some white guy is paying the bills…that is only going to lead one place. When this guy is tired of him…he’ll just get another brother with a bigger dick.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with him doing what he does and having a relationship with the lord. All the bullshit that goes on in the porn industry, his relationship with God is probably the only thing that keeps him stable.

  4. HUH? I mean, really? WT…_? My mama told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. I’ll follow her advice on this one.. (runs the hell out of this post)

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