TLC Is Begging For Money

TLC-04-25-12first of all i love and respect tlc,
but i hate that tlc is going out like this.

so they want fans to fund their final album.
they feel like going independent will let them be more in control.
this is what they said on the kickstarter website

B7t-qP-CAAEvVnl“Our final album will stay true to the TLC sound … We write music that people relate to…timeless music. No matter the trends, we feel like our music is always relevant,” their Kickstarter reads. “You’ll always have a guy hanging out the passenger side! And sometimes you’ll feel damn unpretty! We will continue to make music for EVERYONE, music that’s UNIVERSAL, TOUCHABLE.”

oh and it comes with gift bags of some sort.
these are some of the perks that come when you donate:

For $1,000, either T-Boz or Chilli will go to a movie with you then chill afterwards to “talk about the movie, life … or whatever else you want”.

For $2,000 Chilli will lead you in a workout class then spend the full day with you.

And for $5,000 either of the girls will join you for a full-on SLUMBER PARTY.

i’m cringing.
i swear i am.

this is the details of the slumber party in question:

B7xK2yICQAE_4Wu“mom and dad won’t be there”
like how old is t-boz?
travel and accommodations not included?
so where will this take place?
the parking lot of the airport?
well they managed to raise a lot of money so far:

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 5.44.05 PMkaty perry also donated 5,000 to the cause as well.
personally i think their final album should have been “3d”.
the group is not the same without left eye.
its like when diddy keeps coming out with biggie albums.
no remix will never take away that this is over.
hell they didn’t even go anywhere while looking for a replacement.
“r u that girl” or whatever the hell it was.
this just all seems insensitive to me.
i could be wrong tho.
they should continue being the guest feature on tracks.
that j cole record was hot.
they should also continue touring with other 90s r&b acts.
maybe i’m wrong,
but a full blown independent album screams “”.
what do i know?
they could come out with a hit and blow everyone out the water.
i’ll keep my nose in this story.

to donate to tc: kickstarter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “TLC Is Begging For Money”

  1. Its a mess but it’s working. Those backing rewards are cringe worthy. I wonder if LA Reid screwed them again…

    1. Right theres more better free activities then a overaged Slumber party lmao. I get it they don’t want to spend money but sheesh. I don’t mean to laugh but c’mon!

  2. IDK what to say. They couldn’t have burned all their bridges to come to this. You mean to tell me nobody(investors) will invest or believe in TLC to do this? Thats crazy how the entertainment business can be.

  3. Jamari, im so shocked at you hating on TLC…. No one had a problem when Spike Lee did this for his movie The Blood of Jesus nor when they did kick starters for the Veronica Mars & Jem & the Holograms forthcoming movies.

    I am glad they are doing it this way. TLC can be in control of the final product, I am sure LA Reid will be involved in someway. I already secured my digital download.

  4. while y’all playing, it’s not a bad idea. kickstarter is respected, is used for projects like this. wasn’t the advantage of the labels distribution and marketing? well, they no longer are the gatekeepers for distribution and there are more avenues for marketing + tlc has enough prestige to make marketing easier. truth be told, labels aren’t that needed anymore, and when someone figures out how to utilize today’s resources to bypass them altogether, they’re done. independent can be the way to go

  5. I like the idea of them taking their music career in their own hands but the “rewards” they offer seem cringeworthy. They are better than that.

  6. Why won’t Chili ask Floyd Mayweather to fund it. He can close down entire amusement parks for him, her, and his crew but she needs to ask fans for money to make their last album.

    ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

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