your boss is loved by everyone, but they treat you like shit

you ever had a boss who everyone spoke highly of,
but they treated you like pure shit?
you almost felt like you were the crazy one.
it felt like a mind fuck.
they had so much power and influence over people that the responses would be:

she is so pleasant!”


is so cool.
Are you sure YOU didn’t do something?”

to add insult to injury,
they can use that influence to turn people against you.
they can lie and make you appear to be this horrible worker/person.
i get that impression when it comes to ellen and these allegations surrounding her.
as you know,
she is being accused of ( x creating a toxic work environment ).
this is what katy perry and kevin hart had to add…

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“I Prayed The Gay Away…and I Didn’t Like It”: The Ballad of Katy Perry

ya know…
this “so woke” katy perry era is an interesting one.
i do like her latest single and see she is on a path of finding herself.
so did you know katy perry use to be allegedly gay?
“i kissed a girl” has truths to it.
well she claims in her actual teenage (dream) years,
she was sent to a conversion camp to “pray the gay away”.
we talked about that 20/20 on that same topic ( x here ).
this is what she said at the human rights campaign gala and well…

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Snow Bunny Beef: Katy Perry vs Britney Spears?

did not know katy perry and britney spears had beef.
i always thought britney got along good with everyone.
everyone i know that has met her has said she is really sweet.
who has the same “poppy” persona,
should be more welcoming.
last night at the grammys,
katy said this on the e! red carpet that forests picked up as shade:

…which caused the trending “#katyperryisover” hashtag.
well britney allegedly returned the shade on her twitter with this…
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Katy Perry Awakens Her “Woke” For Her New Single

i really like ^this picture of katy perry.
so katy released a new song called “chained to the rhythm”.
it features skip marley and was co-written by the fav,

during the release,
she rolled out a lyric video and well…
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Katy Perry Made Me Feel So Young (Like Kindergarten)

tumblr_nj5mni4GzT1u6ue4bo1_500so the talk at work today is the super bowl.
the seahawks got some people owing money.
the majority of the talk is that of katy perry’s performance.
the reviews from this office are pretty…
i don’t think i gave my thoughts,
so here goes…
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TLC Is Begging For Money

TLC-04-25-12first of all i love and respect tlc,
but i hate that tlc is going out like this.

so they want fans to fund their final album.
they feel like going independent will let them be more in control.
this is what they said on the kickstarter website
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