your boss is loved by everyone, but they treat you like shit

you ever had a boss who everyone spoke highly of,
but they treated you like pure shit?
you almost felt like you were the crazy one.
it felt like a mind fuck.
they had so much power and influence over people that the responses would be:

she is so pleasant!”


is so cool.
Are you sure YOU didn’t do something?”

to add insult to injury,
they can use that influence to turn people against you.
they can lie and make you appear to be this horrible worker/person.
i get that impression when it comes to ellen and these allegations surrounding her.
as you know,
she is being accused of ( x creating a toxic work environment ).
this is what katy perry and kevin hart had to add…

if the allegations against ellen are true,
this is troublesome to me.

just because YOU are cool with someone,
that doesn’t mean they aren’t a demon to others (those under them).
katy and kevin are both on the a-list.
ellen is as well.
it’s no brainer that ellen would be cool with them.
it’s people like her former producer:

…that will be swept to the side because of power and influence.
she worked closely with ellen and saw her when the camera was off.

i’m glad that at my last job,
my 3 bosses were complete bitches.
many of my co-workers witnessed the abuse i faced there.
all 3 didn’t have great reputations,
but they were in positions where they had influence.
you HAD to be nice to them.
the bad part is my last job created an environment of abuse that no one does anything about.
i feel their day is coming tho.
i have a feeling all of us who were done wrong are gonna have a lot to say.

if you ever encounter this kind of demon,
it’s best to walk away.
the more you fight; the more it proves their lies.
let them stay in their hell and you move on.
their mask will be yoinked off and all will be exposed.
once that happens


Have you ever encountered a boss/someone like that?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “your boss is loved by everyone, but they treat you like shit”

  1. Why does Kevin Hart have to give his opinion about everything he’s such a little turd, sickening. Why wouldn’t ellen be nice to all her celebrity friends on national TV it’s the people that work behind the scenes, that have to put up with her!

    1. That statement was trash. If you scared to talk then be scared to talk and keep it moving. Don’t put out some vague bullshit font that doesn’t even say anything.

  2. Of course A listers support her! Ellen has the most to lose if she treats them less than positively since they’ll go rogue & turn their fanbase against her. You can tell how a person is by how they treat people who they have little to gain from. Just because they haven’t experienced it it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    It’s kind of like Miss ‘Rona & how the right have decided it’s not an issue since they’ve not experienced it first hand. We live in a stupid time! SMH.

  3. First of all Tyrese sit your Dried out Raisin in the Sun looking Ass down somewhere, if you was really that cool with her you would have her number, you are forever Clout Chasing to get some shine on your non-existent career, also the correct spelling is ladder-Jesus Be a Speak and Spell. I have only watched snippets of the Ellen show down through the years, I have never seen a full episode, but I always thought she was a nice person but 2020 has shined a light on so many of these evil toxic people, I just need the light to shine on Washington D.C and clean up the trash that now leads the country. Katie Perry and Kevin Hart are probably just as nasty and rude to their staff as she is,and like Ellen probably think that they do not do anything wrong. What is it with these celebrities that do not want people to look at them? I heard this about so many of them. Oh well Ellen has enough millions in the bank that she will be okay if she is forced to ride into the sunset, I will never feel sorry for a multi-millionaire.

  4. She is rich. She watches ball games with “W.” She is not a warm fuzzy unless you are rich and powerful like her. She has a trophy wife. She dresses like a dude and probably thinks of herself as a powerful, straight, white dude. She is not “one of us.” End of story.

  5. Lol at Kevin Hart. The same heaux who made Lil Nas uncomfortable with his ignorant LGBT statements and left his friends in a car cawk ridding for Hellen? And don’t even get me started with Cryrese.

    This is one of those moments you’re just glad you’ve never spent your coins on such individuals.

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