your boss is loved by everyone, but they treat you like shit

you ever had a boss who everyone spoke highly of,
but they treated you like pure shit?
you almost felt like you were the crazy one.
it felt like a mind fuck.
they had so much power and influence over people that the responses would be:

she is so pleasant!”


is so cool.
Are you sure YOU didn’t do something?”

to add insult to injury,
they can use that influence to turn people against you.
they can lie and make you appear to be this horrible worker/person.
i get that impression when it comes to ellen and these allegations surrounding her.
as you know,
she is being accused of ( x creating a toxic work environment ).
this is what katy perry and kevin hart had to add…

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i love when you’re aggressive with me

i like,
no LOVE,
an aggressive wolf.
not “i think you’ll rape me” aggressive.
i’m fontin’ moreso in personality.
i’m always the aggressor when pursuing someone i’m attracted to.
they’ll start out aggressive,
throwing signs and shit,
but when i follow up to close the loop,
they get all standoffish and i’m left all wet.
you thought you was “this close” to getting the dick.
one thing i can’t stand is a male who talks a good game in public,
shows he’s attracted to you discreetly,
but plays the passive aggressive white vixen shit with his actions.
nothing turns me off more.
so you already know i can’t deal with it at work…

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this job/career of mine is too perfect

so first up…

When you find a “great” job/career,
regardless of the nonsense involved,
stick with it

as you know,
a fox has been through some things at jobs.
for most of them,
i was pretty satisfied,
but i wasn’t fulfilled.
i finally found a great job/career,
but i won’t lie to you…

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a good fox hides in the grass long enough to learn the snakes

a good fox learns to stalk his live prey.
since we are the smallest within the forests,
we have to use tricks and cleverness to succeed.
i’ve learned how some of the biggest bitches operate.
if you observe them carefully,
they will show you glimpses into who their triggers.

a stroke of the hair
the swallow when in an uncomfortable moment
the glancing to the side when they’re lying

i decided to try something on my boss today…

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Karma Served My Old Boss A Dish Served Chill

ain’t karma a funny thing?
as much as i gave myself to my last job,
i was still treated like trash.
i’ve been happier since i started finding myself.
i don’t miss the job,
but i do miss my peers that i formed relationships with.
well i got a call from an old co worker today.
we were catching up and then she said…
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