a good fox hides in the grass long enough to learn the snakes

a good fox learns to stalk his live prey.
since we are the smallest within the forests,
we have to use tricks and cleverness to succeed.
i’ve learned how some of the biggest bitches operate.
if you observe them carefully,
they will show you glimpses into who their triggers.

a stroke of the hair
the swallow when in an uncomfortable moment
the glancing to the side when they’re lying

i decided to try something on my boss today…

i was forewarned by my allies that she loves reverse psychology.
she tried it with me yesterday.
she wanted me to go home so she could set me up.
been there in the past; learned that lesson already.
this morning,
she came up to me and was like:

“SO how are you feeling?!”

fake af.
i responded:

i’m feeling better…”

…but before she could turn around,
i said:

i want to thank you for being so concerned about my well being yesterday.
i felt relieved when you were adamant about sending me home.
i really enjoying working under you because you really care.”

something along those lines,
but i put a little more frosting on the shit cake.
her face lost color like:

she started stuttering and blabbering.

ya know,
thank you…”

that told me all i needed to know.
i played her little childish games back at her.
i touched up my resume later on that day.

9 thoughts on “a good fox hides in the grass long enough to learn the snakes

  1. It always seems you can’t hold down a job more than a year at a time. The way you “font” these instances always make it seem like it’s someone else’s fault and not anything you do. Are these temp jobs. Are you really serious about the places you work. Maybe once you are let go from this job you should consider just going to school and really learning something that will make you happy. Writing seems to be ok for you. Maybe learn marketing so you can figure out how to monetize the site.

    1. ^hey miordu!

      i hope all is well.
      it’s funny,
      i thought about you the other day and was hoping you were good.
      i don’t know if your message was intended to be shady,
      but i’m glad you posted it as i was thinking about the same thing within myself.
      i’m going to address something you said in a coming entry.

      take care of yourself brother.
      stay tuned for what i have to say.

  2. Yaaassss! That’s how you do it! Now they just need to run you your bag before you split!

  3. Sliiiiick bruh, slick, nicely played! I likes! Yeah, she’s def on some fake shit, been there done that too… U thought about a prof resume writing service?

  4. I cannot stand bosses with an uppity attitude and treat their employees with a lack of consideration and respect. Glad you you gave her the energy you did. Yea, I would touch up my resume too.

    1. ^its like high school,
      but amped up with degrees and lack of basic common sense.
      that job is way too inefficient and backwards thinking for someone like me.

  5. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😲😲👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Fantastic. Well executed move from you today.

    I recommend you keep that attitude and a smile on your face at all times!! ✊

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