damn, they just yoinked the mask right off of ellen, huh?

i’ve heard many rumors over the years about ellen.

Ellen is a demon!!!

i’ve heard of people who worked under her,
or at that job,
that left with no good stories to share.
a boss who isn’t toxic won’t have their work environment like that.
it made me disappointed in ellen.
she is “dory” in “finding nemo” dammit!
i mean hell…
she came out and still made a way despite the obstacles in her path.
well this news hit and it’s about to be a wash via “variety“…

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” has become the subject of an internal investigation by WarnerMedia following numerous accounts of workplace problems on the long-running daytime series, Variety has learned.

Executives from show producer Telepictures and distributor Warner Bros. Television sent a memo to staffers last week saying they have engaged WBTV-owner WarnerMedia’s employee relations group and a third party firm, who will interview current and former staffers about their experiences on set, said sources.

A Warner Bros. Television spokesperson declined to comment on the matter. A rep for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment.

The memo comes on the heels of recent unflattering reports about working conditions at the show. In April, Variety reported on the treatment of legacy crew members during the coronavirus lockdown. In mid-July, BuzzFeed published a report alleging racism and intimidation on the show.

i had a random thought about her alleged bad attitude.
i’ve noticed it with some folks:

Is she nasty because she became just like those who oppressed her?

it is misdirected anger?
is removing all masks.
this year seems to be all about the exposure.
i’ve never seen to many people hit the summer jam screen in my life.
i knew it was bad when oprah ended up getting light weight exposed.
the pretty vixen said this to me this morning when we spoke about it:

…yet trump is still president.
i think his fall will be much harder tho.
if you are doing wrong out here,
your time is coming.
i keep telling folks stop running on nasty.
you gonna find yourself trapped in a corner with everyone coming to feast.

ellen’s and her staff’s shit was gonna come out sooner or later.
it’s disappointing,
but the sad reality we must face of those we may admire.

lowkey: i hope never to disappoint anyone in my life who rooted for me.

article cc: variety

read more: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “damn, they just yoinked the mask right off of ellen, huh?”

  1. I loved this article from start to finish. Really eye opening. And I LOVE what the vixen said what she did and how she worded it.

  2. Awwwww everyone’s beloved Ellen is a fraud????? This is a whole white woman what did you expect 😂😂😂 I pity a fool who thought she was different.

  3. Lmfaooooooo at the Lion King gif 😂😂😂 I can’t with you Jamari. And I’m very disappointed to hear/read about this because I actually did fuck with Ellen high key. But, at the same time I’m not really that surprised. 2020 has literally taken all of the surprises out of me. Now my reaction just be like “Wow.” I wonder who’s next on this year’s list of exposure. Sips wine and eats popcorn

  4. Personal experience, it’s true. I witnessed her curse out one of my staff out but….that lady deserved it.

      1. Hotel Manager, Front Desk lady was old racist and very nasty. Ellen was in town for a wedding and staying at a hotel across the street. She came in our lobby but the Front Desk policy was to not let her up on the floor without checking for a key or calling up to the room. Simple policy but this Front Desk lady ALWAYS found a way to escalate every guest interaction. Well she met her match that day. Ellen told her how the cow ate the cabbage. Everyone in the lobby was shocked because you really didn’t expect to hear all that, especially from Ellen. It was definitely a side she tries to hide while on camera

        1. ^LMAOOOOO damn.

          i guess i was expecting her to be different by how she acts on the show.
          am that veil was slipping off slowly with someone guests tho.

  5. This is the year of transparency, truth, and canceled culture. What’s in the dark will come to light…there’s many videos now about accounts on Ellen being an evil-lean! Lol

        1. no she isn’t fake, but she has definitely become tougher and aggressively liberal after she came out as a lesbian. you should look up her arguments on the view. they are legendary. she used to let co-host have it. she is openly confrontational.

  6. Ellen is a gay icon. her coming out on her show was huge for gay rights. now that I got that out the way, I am not surprised that she is mean. she tries too hard to be wholesome and safe which makes me believe she is inauthentic.
    being nice doesn’t mean anything about a person’s character. there is a lyric from a song, “you’re so nice, you’re not bad you’re not good you’re just nice.”
    we have to stop interpreting someone being nice as a good person. there are plenty of bad people who are “nice”

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