ellen is up outta here (welp)

you would think someone who was treated badly before they came up would be different.
i never in a million years would have seen this end for ellen.
there was a point that i wanted to meet ellen before she retired.

Dream deferred.

even though i loved her brand of sarcastic dry humor,
the stories about her alleged nasty attitude were legendary.
people who worked for her would spare no details on how they were treated bts.
( x her old dj is one of them )
folks try to send warning shots but the masses don’t listen until it’s too late.
this is years before the allegations started to burn.
ellen’s run in the talk show world has come to an end

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your boss is loved by everyone, but they treat you like shit

you ever had a boss who everyone spoke highly of,
but they treated you like pure shit?
you almost felt like you were the crazy one.
it felt like a mind fuck.
they had so much power and influence over people that the responses would be:

she is so pleasant!”


is so cool.
Are you sure YOU didn’t do something?”

to add insult to injury,
they can use that influence to turn people against you.
they can lie and make you appear to be this horrible worker/person.
i get that impression when it comes to ellen and these allegations surrounding her.
as you know,
she is being accused of ( x creating a toxic work environment ).
this is what katy perry and kevin hart had to add…

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damn, they just yoinked the mask right off of ellen, huh?

i’ve heard many rumors over the years about ellen.

Ellen is a demon!!!

i’ve heard of people who worked under her,
or at that job,
that left with no good stories to share.
a boss who isn’t toxic won’t have their work environment like that.
it made me disappointed in ellen.
she is “dory” in “finding nemo” dammit!
i mean hell…
she came out and still made a way despite the obstacles in her path.
well this news hit and it’s about to be a wash via “variety“…

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dwyane wade speaks about his other daughter, zaya wade

can i just font the wade’s baby girl is so cute!
she is going to be a natural on camera.
so as you know,
dwyane wade has another daughter.
her name is zaya wade.
she is in ^that picture behind kaavia.
dwyane went on “ellen” to discuss how she came out to them,
as well as how they had to educate themselves over her transition…

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lil nas x reveals that he’s dating, somewhat

lil nas x has everyone under his spell.
i’m not mad at him.
he’s making moves most could have done/do.
i admire how he handles his social media presence too.
it’s chocked full of personality goodness.
you get a sense that’s “him“,
ya know?
well everyone wants to know who he’s dating.
with this new found fame also brings new found meat too.
you’re in the right circles to date whoever you please.
he “somewhat” addressed it on “ellen” today…

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So Is Caitlyn Jenner For or Against Gay Marriage?

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 5.54.21 PMwell caitlyn jenner keeps on showing her natural trans ass,
ain’t she?
i gave it a year before she started showin’ out.
i guess the universe wanted to speed up the process.
thank god i didn’t make any bets.
*wipes brow*
this time she spoke about gay marriage on ellen’s first episode of the new season.
this is what was said during their sit down
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