ellen is up outta here (welp)

you would think someone who was treated badly before they came up would be different.
i never in a million years would have seen this end for ellen.
there was a point that i wanted to meet ellen before she retired.

Dream deferred.

even though i loved her brand of sarcastic dry humor,
the stories about her alleged nasty attitude were legendary.
people who worked for her would spare no details on how they were treated bts.
( x her old dj is one of them )
folks try to send warning shots but the masses don’t listen until it’s too late.
this is years before the allegations started to burn.
ellen’s run in the talk show world has come to an end

After 19 seasons and more than 3,000 episodes, a source close to the host tells DailyMail.com that Ellen is expected to make the announcement today because she ‘has had enough and told her team that she’s done.’

She’s promised one more season after this one and will exit at the end of the 2021/2022 season – the 19th season of the show.’ they said. ‘The ratings have tanked and have been truly appalling this year and Ellen knows her time is up.’

The show’s end comes after several former and current employees accused Ellen, 63, of fostering a toxic work environment last year and turning a blind eye to bullying by executives.

Ellen and Warner Brothers are expected to make a public announcement as early as Wednesday afternoon, according to the source.

i didn’t even know that 30 ex-employees had scathing allegations about one of the executive producers.
according to “buzzfeed news“:

One ex-employee said head writer and executive producer Kevin Leman asked him if he could give him a hand job or perform oral sex in a bathroom at a company party in 2013. Another said they separately saw Leman grab a production assistant’s penis.

In May 2017, another former employee also said she saw Leman grope a production assistant in a car and kiss his neck.

Nearly a dozen former employees, who range from longtime, senior-level employees to production assistants, said it was also common for Leman to make sexually explicit comments in the office, like pointing out male colleagues’ bulges in their crotches, or ask them questions like, “Are you a top or a bottom?

It’s masked in sarcasm, but it’s not sarcasm,” a former employee said.

Many of his targets, employees added, were lower-level and younger employees who felt they lacked any power to speak up.

He’d probably do it in front of 10 people and they’d laugh because ‘it’s just Kevin being Kevin,’ but if you’re in a position of power at a company, you don’t just get to touch me like that,” a former employee said.

there were 3 more who got fired for the same accusations too.
some gay males in power use their power in the worst of ways tbh.
all of that and mixed with her nasty attitude must have been hell to deal with.
i get bad anxiety in toxic work environments so i’d be a size xs.

ellen is probably gonna be banished after she bows out.
she has enough money to keep her afloat.
i’m so glad that oprah was able to bow out gracefully without many scandals,
although i feel that michael jackson witch hunt put a dent in her reputation.
this ellen situation is a teachable moment tho.
a lot to unpack like:

Hurt people who haven’t healed will continue to hurt people.

The funny ones can also be the darkest people.

If un-evolved,
the picked on people become the biggest demons with power.

If someone has the same story being told about them it’s probably true.

Many people will grin and bear it through abuse until someone is brave enough to speak up.

Your bad behavior will catch up with you and many will gang together to destroy you like a supervillain in a comic.

Dory will never be looked at the same again.

i just know she was tired of that dancing shit.
as the years went on,
she started looking and acting like she didn’t care the mask was hanging off.

lowkey: im so glad i didn’t turn out to be a demon after how i’ve been treated.
i still hold onto my compassion and empathy.

article cc: daily mail | buzzfeed news

6 thoughts on “ellen is up outta here (welp)

  1. I think she is bowing out to get rid of the toxic staff. Allegations like that happen a lot and people don’t say nothing because people don’t want to see people lose a job in these times and quickly say, “he don’t mean no harm, that’s just so and so”. Yeah “so and so” asked me to suck his dick after he grabbed mine. I will say this. If they attractive and got a big dick or nice booty, they going. They will forget its sexual harassment and try to fuck their way up. If they are not attractive, then it becomes a problem and sexual harassment. You cant really blame Ellen for ignoring these allegations because the Network has to fire these people or they may be Network Execs. Ellen had big sponsors so its clear the Network was highly involved behind the scenes.

  2. Ellen’s probably happy as a pig in shit too. I so agree with the low-key note. I get the feeling Degeneres was ready to be done with the show anyway. All that dancing and shit. On one episode I swear Ellen was looking like “Chile, lemme do this shit so I can go!”

  3. Wow… I’m not surprised though. The underdogs are always taken advantage of. I pray that predator get his dose of KARMA. As for Ellen I’m disappointed it’s ending but to everything there’s a season.

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