they meet you on grindr, take you on a date, and rob you as a night cap

every time i talk to someone about a dating app,
the foxhole sends me a story about some fuck shit going down on the app.
i just had a conversation about dating online and how it isn’t safe.
it’s true.
online dating isn’t safe.
gay males are a target for the broke dusties on grindr in atl…

Police in Atlanta are warning Grindr users to be on alert following eight robberies that began as possible romantic matches on the gay dating app.

The robberies happened between February and May in remote locations throughout the city, all after victims set up dates on the popular app, Atlanta police said at a news conference Wednesday.

After the date concludes, the suspect would then rob the victim, often taking their wallets, keys or even vehicles,” Sgt. Rodney Jones told reporters.

One suspect was identified as a black male in his late teens or early 20s, Jones said. The assailant typically has a handgun and robs the victims of their belongings after going on a “normal date,” he said.

As many as three suspects in all are being sought, police said.

imagine someone taking you on a date,
it’s going well,
you think you met someone you can vibe with,
and they rob your ass silly?
ptsd much?

i’m grateful that no one is harmed in these situations.
there have been some fatalities in the past.
i can’t tell the foxhole what to do as far as to hook up apps,
but i will continue to post these stories.
someone will listen and move differently on the apps.
ya’ll stay safe out here.
it’s a very wicked forest atm.

article cc: ny post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “they meet you on grindr, take you on a date, and rob you as a night cap”

  1. Online DATING is fine. The issue is that most gay mofos have 0 clue how to go on actual dates in public places (you know, like the straights), and they’ve turned inviting strangers over to have sex into ‘dates’. Grindr IS NOT a dating app! All that for some stranger dick. SMH

      1. Apparently. The only heteronormativity the gays seemingly want to allow is queens being big mad when they see 2 masc men together (like many str8 women are at seeing 2 gay men together) because apparently masculine gay men are supposed to want men who act like women…cus heteronormativity…but I digress…

  2. I can’t imagine letting the dude smash only to get robbed? That is so embarrasing. I know damn well they were letting the criminals hit because the article said “normal date”, it felt very shady the way they added the speech marks. Hope they weren’t hurt.

  3. A normal date on Grindr means they smashed. Grindr is by far a dating app compared to Christian Mingle. Even Christian Mingle isn’t a dating app. That’s the straight version on Grindr. Anytime somebody mentions “generous only”, you coming off some money. If people are going to restaurants and movies from a Grindr hookup, they already smashed before. First rule of using anybody hookup app, never bring your wallet or money inside their place. Second rule, never park in front of their house so they can see what you are driving. Park down the street away from their view. Third rule, always let somebody know where you are or tell them to call you in case its a catfish.

  4. Some years ago I met a guy on the chatline. Me being fast went to his spot pick him up and drove to a secluded area. We did the do in the back seat of my car. I then took him back to his spot and that is when he brandished a gun and told me to “give up the money shorty” I grabbed his hand, the gun fell and I picked it up and pointed it at him. He got scared and ran out the car asking for the gun the whole time while he was cowering. I drove off and took the gun home with me. He kept calling and texting telling me the gun wasn’t his and If I would return it. hahahaa.. I just hung up and blocked his number.

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