how can you be trans and outing males like messy gay men? (pooh shiesty)

so i never heard of rapping wolf,
pooh shiesty.
his existence was a secret to me like this alleged story.
pooh shiesty allegedly got outed fuckin’ a trans-vixen.
this is the alleged video,
which involved a mouth full of cake and a serving of…

in which pooh responded on his twitter:

this is what akademiks had as a follow-up post:


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so i have a question for the foxhole.
if trans-vixens see themselves as women,
and they got in their feelings if you use the wrong pronouns

…then this isn’t a scandal since he was having sexual relations with a woman,

messy trans-vixens love to out the males they mess with like they’re messy gay men.
from what i thought,
they live their lives as women because they see themselves as women.
they aren’t cross-dressers or gay males.
they might not be biological vixens but they see themselves as vixens.
there is a level of shaming a male who deals with a trans-vixen when they’re outed.
is it even outing?
these males see themselves as straight so…
am i wrong because i’m confused?????
i invite someone to correct my ignorance on this.

“the drinking the nut out some cheeks” is kinda tame too.
straight males will suck their nut out a pussy on some legit freaky shit.
maybe i’m desensitized because of porn?
we gotta hold trans-vixens accountable for their behavior out here.
you can’t be vixens but out males who mess with you like messy gay males.
both ways can’t be had.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “how can you be trans and outing males like messy gay men? (pooh shiesty)”

      1. He is a part of the new age of gansta rap. I like his music but it’s exactly what you would expect. You know the mindset of these real street rappers. If you even insinuate, it’s on sight. And that response actually is exactly what his image would suggest. And let’s not act like the game his changed that much.

  1. My thing is what if it was him, so what! What he does in private is his business! If you liked him as an artist before you found that out would that make you stop liking him?! That is the most ignorant way of thinking! Smh

    1. People are aggressively ignorant. Better yet, stupid, because an ignorant person doesn’t know better.

  2. There is still a stigma associated with being being trans attracted that’s evident by the fact that so few men will publicly admit that they are attracted to trans woman.If a guy is even linked to a trans woman he faces backlash or ridicule by some people like that actor from Family Matters experienced a few months ago.

    As for there being messy trans women? Yes there are messy trans women just like there are messy cisgender women who expose married men they have slept with.Messy people exist in all groups straight,gay,male,female,transgender,cisgender.None of them deserve to die for outing or exposing somebody IMO.

  3. So you can’t really say all men who mess with Trans women are still straight. Some trans still have their natural parts. Most doctors and surgeons advise their patients that even if they are sure they want it removed, they have to give them an evaluation before they can even schedule a surgery. Its not something you can say, I change my mind like getting titties. You can easily take the implants out. You can’t put a dick back on because they cut it and push it inside. Like TS Madison, she identifies as a woman completely but she still has her dick attached.

    The LGBT+ Community has way too many labels that mean the same. Pansexual is pretty much the same Bisexual. Pan just added regardless of their sex or gender. Bisexual means you like both. Pansexual mean you are attracted to people regardless of sex or gender. Its the same thing.

    1. ^this is all confusing and very annoying tbh.

      there was a time no one wanted to be label and now everyone wants to have a ton of labels that mean the same thing.

  4. So you do this often when it comes to trans individuals and at this point if you know you’re ignorant in regards to matters that concern trans issues why continue to event discuss it?! You’re not going to change so what’s the point?! Also this was proven to have not even been the mentioned rapper—- but I like how that you didn’t update the post to reflect such. I guess you obviously was just looking for something to spew your transphobic bs. I know it’s hard but you should try to do better sis.

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