joe budden burns the bridges his friends helped build for him (rory and mal)

joe budden isn’t coming off like a good person.
i fucked with him on his podcast,
and there was a time i thought he was cute,
but he has shown patterns of not being good.
he might just be the villain that we ignored (or kept in the back of our minds).
on his podcast,
the joe budden podcast“,
he fired his two co-hosts and friends(?),
rory and mal.
 the way he trashed them on his podcast…

i mean with friends like this who needs enemies?
that same rory defended and stood by his side.
i feel like rory was his biggest cheerleader than mal tbh.
someone said mal and rory didn’t know their own worth.
sounds like facts.
this whole situation made me wonder

Why do we ignore the patterns with people?

joe’s exes had a lot to say about him over the years.
i mean,
he pretty much was allegedly abusive to all of them.
they all had a story about his behavior.
cyn santana,
his last baby mama,
was out here thinking she was a special snowflake with him.
she ended up getting burned and showed how terrible he was to her on “lhhny“.
she had to get embarrassed to get it together.
could she have avoided fate if she paid attention to his patterns?

i shouldn’t be shocked with how this all ended because this is typical joe.
joe is a virgo and i usually don’t have high hopes for many of them.
that signs saving grace is beyonce.

he likes to go scorched earth and burn the bridges around him.
i don’t think this will go over well with his audience tbh.
maybe the dusties who are like-minded,
but decent human beings will see how fucked up this is.
don’t get me wrong,
but mal and rory could be wrong.
they could have done something fucked up

…But the way how Joe acted on the podcast about the whole situation was really off-putting.

this reminds me of a storyline that would be in “game of thrones“.
you know it never ends well for these types of characters.

lowkey: unless you been out here doggin me tf out,
i’m quick to move on.
you cheat on/abuse/hurt me and i’m fuckin’ your father by next week.

9 thoughts on “joe budden burns the bridges his friends helped build for him (rory and mal)

  1. So Idk all of what happened cause I don’t pay attention to them like that. But what have been finding out recently is that this situation has been a long time coming and is far more complicated than what can be summed up in a single post. Long and short of it from what I understand is that Joe wants to maintain his ownership of the podcast, and is making a lot more money than Rory and Mal in his recent deals. Rory and Mal, but primarily Rory, wanted to get in more of an ownership position but Joe turned him down (which technically is his right as he does own it, or has that power). Rory went all legal and requested an audit of the books. And Joe has been making/turning down deals without any input from them (which again, is technically in his right since they work for him). I do know that they have been off the show for over six or seven weeks.

    From what I’ve seen, people who side with Joe are looking at things from a business perspective and all the opportunities that he has given them. And people who side with Rory & Mal look at it from a perspective of friends and respect since they helped Joe build it to what it is today and Joe has apparently mentioned that Rory has changed the way he formats his podcasts.

    But there’s a lot more to it than this. DJ Akademiks is all mixed up in this (as a friend of Joe but constantly clashes with Rory). Again this is second/third hand information that I’ve gotten from other people. At its heart it seems to be a case of business and friendship not mixing well.

    1. ^from what i read,
      he was a big speaker on having ownership and not to be corporate or industry.
      he spoke about this stuff so it’s weird he would do the opposite.

      i think if this was a quiet situation,
      it wouldn’t have been so messy.
      the way he exposed it all in the messy way that he did was foul.
      the folks talking about it’s business probably don’t have friends and are “playing the game” to get nowhere so…


      1. Honestly i think that he and the people who are supporting him are coming from a place of “you need to be a boss not working for anyone but yourself” which is really just a reason to justify a power trip or not have to listen to anyone around you imo. In truth it seems like he is valuing his ownership over the friendship and equity of the group. It’s selfish but encouraged in business. HipHop Madness said it perfectly, that this whole thing is Joe the hurt friend speaking through Joe the businessman. They made a good case about Joe pushing away the people closest to him that are trying to help him. And even though Rory seems to have gone about his part kind of wrong, Joe has pushed him there and his response is all the way emotional.

  2. Don’t sleep on virgos. We’re opinionated as fuk, but we’re also as loyal as they come. Joe just has too many chips on his shoulders and lacks humility. There was 0 excuse to take this internal work beef to the audience. He operates as if he has something to prove when he has sooo much to be thankful for. He needs therapy and some hugs in order to start dealing w who/whatever hurt him a long time ago.

    1. ^i must have met the wrong virgos cause… 🥴

      joe needs to be on medication.
      this story really shows how trifling the entertainment industry can be.
      it’s a really mixxy and messy world that you have to be strong in order to survive in.

      1. You DEF met the wrong virgos!! Lol. Most are sensitive (not me so much, entertainment thickens the skin), so they’re guarded and have walls up. But once ur in, ur in, cus the gate code isn’t given out often. Joe’s feelings have been hurt so he’s tried to create this ‘I’m an asshole and I’m ok w it’ persona. Sooo much wasted energy.

  3. Joe is the associate you keep around because his voice is the stuff of fantasies but is a terrible waste of oxygen.

    He once said lesbians just needed some good D.

    He also watches Pose.

    I see him being outed eventually.

    He’s too toxic alpha male which usually means closet submissive bottom.

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