his finger betta smell like water after the “scratch n sniff” test

i always believe that when you go meet up with a wolf you should be “scratch n sniff” ready.
if he pulls this move:

you smoke?”

…you better be ready because a smashin’ good time may go down.
when his hand magically appears in the back of your drawz,
you don’t want any accidents on his finger.
if he makes this face after he pulls his finger(s) out:


…you def weren’t prepared.
i mean,
you should always be DTF if some male you talkin’ to wants to come over.
( x read how to make sure the cakes are tasty here )

i wonder if that was the case with these two in the following video?

i guess ^this was the pregame scratch n sniff before they found an alley.

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Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “his finger betta smell like water after the “scratch n sniff” test”

  1. This is a case where you really need audio to accompany the visuals.( ha ha )

    They appear to have placed a bet to see…..” Whose Booty Hole Smells The best”…..

    Many dudes simply “f@ck ” without even caring when hooking up in public. At least they never, ever film the …….” are you clean before I stick you test”…..

    These random “Hook Up” videos that I have seen on line just show them getting screwed and no caution or concern.. Ewwwwww!!!!

    1. ^that is absolutely gross.

      could never; would never.

      i like to make sure i’m clean (and he is too) before anything sexual goes down.
      how can folks even be comfortable knowing they funky?

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