weed is a drug and addictive. argue with the surgeon general.

i’m gonna font a controversial statement but…

Weed is addictive and some folks are in denial about it.

folks love to scream weed isn’t a drug but can’t function without smoking.
they can’t sleep,
they can’t do normal tasks,
can’t fuck,
or can’t handle their anger or anxiety without it.
bad enough,
it makes folks paranoid about damn near everything.

I still maintain the last time I was high af,
i tapped into everyone’s energy like I was Professor X.

a foxholer sent me this video of a she-jackal who is absolutely dependent by weed…

violence tho?

…and weed ain’t addictive?

sidebar: nene’s head in that gif >
i use to say “bring. it. on .down.” because of kandi lol.

okay sure.

lowkey: i can’t even fuck with weed anymore.
that shit legit has me filled with anxiety and paranoia.

video source: flyheight

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “weed is a drug and addictive. argue with the surgeon general.”

  1. I have a friend whose pay check almost entirely goes into week. When he doesn’t have weed, he’ll credit it. Sometimes four joints or more in an hour. Then all his money goes into repaying what he credited. It’s a vicious cycle. He’ll get paid on Thursday and have no money by Monday. He doesn’t have any major bills to pay or anything. Tried to help but he doesn’t listen.

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