her thirst for underage sex got her caught out here


when you are called to do something with your life,
you really need to walk on the straight and narrow.
that means you have an image to uphold.
with great power comes great responsibility.
lailani muniz,
a trans activist turned she-hyena who has been recognized for her work,
got caught up in the worst way.
i don’t get it via daily mail…

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The following entry is Reading-MA.
Adult content, Violence

i made a vow to myself if i ever found out my manz was cheating,
whoever he was cheating with could have him.
although i feel that makes folks madder when you dismiss them like it was nothing.
i don’t “do” fighting for no man.

I don’t know why vixens fight over a man,
but never fight THE man.

he cheated on you.
you don’t know her.
why are you squaring up with her?
this vixen was allegedly fighting over her man and the side she-jackal laid some rounds in her


weed is a drug and addictive. argue with the surgeon general.

i’m gonna font a controversial statement but…

Weed is addictive and some folks are in denial about it.

folks love to scream weed isn’t a drug but can’t function without smoking.
they can’t sleep,
they can’t do normal tasks,
can’t fuck,
or can’t handle their anger or anxiety without it.
bad enough,
it makes folks paranoid about damn near everything.

I still maintain the last time I was high af,
i tapped into everyone’s energy like I was Professor X.

a foxholer sent me this video of a she-jackal who is absolutely dependent by weed…

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The Pre Baller Wolf and What Burns Him Up

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-9-22-40-pmeveryone meet “pre baller wolf who maybe no more”,
jonnu smith.
he plays ball for the college of fiu.
you want to know the reason he might be “no more”?
his vixen threw boiling hot water on him.
she is also five months pregnant.
check the story via time
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Chris Brown’s Transgendered House Jackal Speaks!

chris-brown-instagramwell damn!
november 3rd came quick!
shit i done missed halloween
the transgendered she jackal by the name of shauna brooks,
who supposedly did “something” with chris brown,
sped up the date to talk about what happened that night at his crib.
you know ( x the one ) i’m talking about…
you better pull up a chair and grab some popcorn.
this is what went down
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