24 thoughts on “That Time I Woke Up Fucked and Drained AF

  1. That is some crazy shit Jamari, and I am sorry that happened. People will do anything. It is like nothing we do is safe anymore and there is always some sort of risk.

  2. It’s happened to me and my partner. It’s a fact of life in our electronic age. Banks are insured and you will get your money back. It’s an inconvenience but not the end of the world.

  3. Damn homie sorry to hear this…same shit happened to me coupla years back…they think it was a scamming device either installed on an ATM or someone had one on their person like at the drive-thru and surreptitiously scammed it when I wasn’the lookin or couldn’t see….they went to Walmart, the Dollar General, and the liquor store like 60 mi from where I stay and have never been so u already know it was some no good ninjas smdh…luckily bank replaced my funds immediately on a provisonal basis while they investigated…

    1. Yeah, they have portable skimmers. ALWAYS wiggle or pull on the slot where you put your card in the ATM. If there’s a device it will loosen. Also cover the keypad when typing your number because they can put those tiny ass microscopic camera lenses on those machines and see you punching the numbers. It’s scary.
      Through the grace of god, I haven’t had my financial information taken, but it’s happened to a few co-workers of mine. About 4 years ago, I had my cell phone cloned.

      I was getting calls from strange numbers and they all had Caribbean accents. They would say I’m returning your call, and I would be like I didn’t call you. I thought it was people just calling a wrong number, but the next day it kept happening again, so I called the cell phone company. That’s when the rep told me that I’d made several calls to the Caribbean, over $1000 worth. I was like I don’t know anyone in the Caribbean and I haven’t called there.

      After researching , they found that my phone had been cloned. Someone used a portable device that could pick up the SIM card information, and clone that information, so it was as if someone had my phone and was using it…without me knowing anything at all! If those people hadn’t called me, I would never have known until after the bill was due.

      They fixed the problem and credited me, thankfully. When that bill came, there were calls to Grenada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, DR & PR. Blew my mind!

  4. It happens man. This is the age we live in. People used to get robbed, pick pocketed, etc. Now it’s all about technology. I’ve had it happen to me 3 times already bro. Shit happens. You just got to be up on it ASAP to catch it, stop it and get your money back. Shit is crazy Jamari.

      1. Yea man. 3 times. It happened to my brother earlier this year. He was devastated. Unfortunately for him he belongs to a big popular bank chain. It took him a minute to get his money back. A week or two. I bank primarily with a credit union. I got my money bank in a day or two.

  5. Some jackass just hit me up last night on Jackd trying to get me to one of those flip schemes. The fucker was using same ol lame script and even was dumb enough to use his real screen name and picture. I lied and told him I was with law enforcement and he still tried to sell me on the idea. I told him his information could be trace and he was committing a felony. He called me a fucking pig which prompt me to screenshot his account and our conversation on my IG to warn others. I usually don’t snitch but I am tired of these disrespectful stunt queens trying to take advantage of hard working people. And you won’t get smart with me and think I won’t clap back white woman style.

    I hate like hell that happen to you J but look at it as a lesson and as a warning to be on the watchout. We gotta stay strap in the streets and online. It’s getting real out of here..

  6. Sorry to hear that Jamari. In the future, NEVER use debit cards. Use a credit card for all purchases, and with their phone app pay it right back when it posts. When you swipe your debit card, you give hackers access to all the money in YOUR account. At least with credit card fraud, it’s THEIR money and your not liable for any fraudulent transactions and they’ll just easily “credit” it back to your card. With most credit cards you even earn points and rewards for simply doing the same thing you’d normally do with a debit card. Keep your head up man. I’m praying for you. Be safe.

    1. credit cards can be scammed as well, in the same exact debit cards. We live in tge digital age nothing is 100% out here to prevent it. The best way ultimately to prevent it is by paying close attention to your transaction history

      1. Exactly, always call the bank at least once a week to check your history and other things as well.

  7. Damn J sorry to hear this, I got scammed last year by someone in some small town in Florida trying to snatch 300.00 out of my account and I only had $10 in there LoL, so it was a fail, but my bank didnt notify me until later that evening, so I ended up still being embarrassed when I went out to lunch with co-workers and my card was declined and I didnt know why. My bank automatically cut off the card but failed to notify me. I had to ask another co-worker to pay for my lunch. I knew something was wrong because I am pretty good about keeping track of my money. It is a terrible feeling to be stuck out and knowing as high tech as we are someone can still break in your account and steal your money.

    1. ^damn t!
      that has to be the worst!!!
      im sorry this happened to you.
      i would have turned over new yawk if this happened before rent time.

      im about to start using my credit cards from now on.

      1. Aye do you have account alerts so that if somebody spends over a certain amount or if they spend a money in a certain place that seems. Like out of state you are notified? I not you need to put this on every account you have it not 100% but it saved me twice cause my bank just shutted down my cards so they could not spend anymore. Then they contacted me to find out if these were my perchases.

  8. Damn I’m sorry that happened to you, love the attitude you’re taking towards it ( cuz I would be tite).

    1. No. Go to the police so you have a trail and history of whats going on. That’s a part of the issue. Scammers bettin on the fact that you won’t go to the police and that the bank will credit the money back to you. Your situation is serious because of your unemployment so you don’t have time to be playing with these lazy set of ppl that wanna scam out in these streets. Go to the police and file a report.

  9. Be careful around things like Redbox, ATM’s at the bodegas and the corner stores, and iffy places. That happened to me one time and its not cute. Did they at least credit you the money back? If they find out who did it, make sure to prosecute. Be careful at restaurants too because a lot of these servers get fired for skimming cards too (I’m looking at you BBQ’s on Fordham).

    1. ^yeah i gotta wait 12-48 hours tho.
      i don’t wtf is up with all this damn scamming.
      it’s ridic.

      they told me i would have to go to the police station and file a report.
      i don’t even want to deal with the nypd and their nonsense.

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