her thirst for underage sex got her caught out here


when you are called to do something with your life,
you really need to walk on the straight and narrow.
that means you have an image to uphold.
with great power comes great responsibility.
lailani muniz,
a trans activist turned she-hyena who has been recognized for her work,
got caught up in the worst way.
i don’t get it via daily mail…

A prominent New York City transgender and HIV activist was arrested and charged for allegedly soliciting a minor on Grindr and asking him for oral sex. 

Lailani Muniz, 39, was taken into custody after corresponding with a man working with the NY Creeps Spotlight nonprofit, who posed as a 14-year-old boy named Josh on the LGBTQ dating app, Fox reports. 

Muniz, who identifies as female and is HIV positive, works as the Chief Operations Officer for the New York Transgender Bodybuilding Federation and was honored earlier this year at Bronx Borough Hall during Pride Month.   

NY Creeps Spotlight, which works to expose people who target children, posted chats Muniz allegedly had with the disguised man, who only identified himself as FM. 

The messages show Muniz wanted to have sex with the minor, offering weed and ecstasy to make him ‘feel horny’, and asked him for oral sex even after finding out he was underaged. 

FM got Muniz to agree to meet up with him in a video posted on YouTube last Friday, where the pedophile hunter confronted Muniz and called the police to arrest her. 

out of control.
shame all of her achievements will mean nothing.
i’m reposting this article about her achievements within the community.
it’s from the website,
( x reduxx ):

Muniz is a well-known trans rights and HIV activist in the city, and has been regularly featured in LGBT and news media. In December of 2021, Muniz was profiled by EDGE Network, an online gay news outlet, which promoted his work with the HIV Planning Board for the State of New York. Last year, Muniz was interviewed in a VICE documentary on HIV/AIDS.

Muniz, who is HIV positive, was a spokesperson with Amida Care, a New York nonprofit health insurance organization which states its goal is to serve “people living with HIV/AIDS; people who are experiencing homelessness … and people of transgender experience…” Muniz was also a member of the ‘HIV Stops With Me‘ campaign.

His footprint in community social organizations is extensive, and in addition to his advocacy on HIV-related issues, Muniz was well-known for his trans rights activism.

He was the Chief Operations Officer for the New York Transgender Bodybuilding Federation (NYTBF), one of the first trans-focused sporting companies of its kind. According to Muniz’s profile on the NYTBF official site, he also worked as a Trauma Informed Care Specialist at the Damian Family Care Center, and had volunteered with both CK Life and Princess Janae Place & Destination Tomorrow where he was “aiding in gender affirming surgeries.”

Earlier this year, he was honored by Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson at an LGBT Pride Flag Raising Ceremony at the Bronx County Courthouse. Gibson presented Muniz with a certificate of merit.

*any issues you have with the author misgendering,
take it up with them.

the “caught up” messages are wild to read.
there is absolutely nothing sexy about:

“I have to head straight home from school to help my MOM do laundry.”

illicit sex usually ends up getting jackals caught up and outta here.
if it’s not these kinds of situations,
it’s teaching hyenas fuckin’ students.
straight wolves love saying “where was she when i was in school?“.
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5 thoughts on “her thirst for underage sex got her caught out here

  1. Pedophiles pose as LGBT to infiltrate. And social media doesn’t take ban them when you report them.

    But look at who has the lightest sentences and is back on the street, offending again and on a registry and not in a casket. The government is full of pedos hence the lax laws.

  2. Disgraceful and disgusting and then gon ask can he host when mom is gone

    And heart eyes at him saying he gives head without a condom when she got hiv

    This is why I’m very careful who I’m around

    Idk if you all watched jussie movie called the skinny when the friend got high and drugged and raped by a man with hiv

    Those are unfortunately the sour tastes I have in my mouth and I’m sure it paints a negative picture of the community. A lot of thesr activists are much like politicians just wolves in Sheeps clothing

    They need to do more takedowns via Grindr that app is sick

  3. That’s creepy to think that this grown ass adult wanted to have sexual relations with a 14 year old. Then to say I can give you weed and ecstasy pills. Wow that’s some predator shit. I’m sure that they’ve done this to a child before. More victims may come forward

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