so i watched barbarian last night and well… (help)

i watched this movie last night and i could not stop screaming.
my hand was to my mouth.
i covered my eyes at a point.
they “had” said on the social media forests:

Barbarian is the scariest horror movie they saw.

…and i was pumped.
you know i like a wild ride.

I don’t know how I feel about this one.

the first half was scary,
the plot was wild,
and the characters were dumb af,
but something felt…


…like it wasn’t the scariest movie i have ever seen.
it felt like it was the dumbest movie i have ever seen.
i dunno.

Did anyone else see this movie?

watch it on ( x hbo max ).

lowkey: why was it named barbarian?

3 thoughts on “so i watched barbarian last night and well… (help)

  1. Your comment is so funny!
    Yeah it wasn’t the scariest but def had some scary and creepy moments. It was like a mix of every scary movie you know. For a black girl the lead character was really dumb going back into that tunnel to try to save somebody after she escaped wtf is wrong with these ppl.
    Anyway it’s called barbarian because of the man who was kidnapping and raping these women and then having children with the children those women were producing resulting in the “monster woman”. Then he was recording all of those nasty acts so his behavior was barbaric and he was a barbarian for his nature.
    I liked that the film was unpredictable.

    1. ^it was the part where she saw a whole dark ass tunnel in another room and her walking down there.
      i’m GONE.
      i don’t even care but then there would be no movie lol

      thanks for the breakdown of why it was called barbarian.
      i was like why is it being called this? lol

      when she was trying to force him to suck her shitty titty,
      i think they heard my scream from down the block LMAO

      1. There are very few horror movies that I’ve seen that qualify as scariest ever. Most are creepy & freaky but rarely scary. The Conjuring & TC 2 I thought were quite scary due to them being based on that real life couple’s exposure to actual ghosts & demons.

        The Evil Dead I thought was pretty scary too even though it was very low budget. The sequels were funny but not scary in the least imo.

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