so i watched barbarian last night and well… (help)

i watched this movie last night and i could not stop screaming.
my hand was to my mouth.
i covered my eyes at a point.
they “had” said on the social media forests:

Barbarian is the scariest horror movie they saw.

…and i was pumped.
you know i like a wild ride.

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If I Stay

tumblr_maihnbUXT81qgwirfo1_500yesterday i was in sort of a funk.
i pretty much slept my brains out.
i needed a break after the week,
hell summer,
i’ve had.
at about 2am,
i watched a movie on netflix last night i’ve been wanting to watch.
it was called “if i stay”.
the previews made the plot look interesting.
i won’t give too much away,
but basically…
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You Put In Such Hard Work To Satisfy A Dick In Your Life

the american dollar has lost it’s value.
after all these antics in the government,
it has caused a decline in our worth.
everything worth having has declined also.
one thing that should NEVER decline?
your talents and value.
the other day,
i had something happen that reminded me my worth as a human being.
i’m NOT the fox to settle for less…

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Want To Get In The Mind of a Fox?

Come on in…
Take your seats.
They are assigned with your name on it.
Gift bags are under your chairs.


A faithful reader sent me this and I had to chuckle.
I am sure we (Foxes) have all thought about one, or more, of these things…

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God Kills Optimistic People, Don’t He?

I thought about something today.
What would Jamari be without “thinking“, huh?

I was laying in my bed this morning,
after making a muthafucka of an omelet I might add,
and I was thinking about losing it all….

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mental homework (4)

So I was turned out mentally by this comment Killa left Saturday.
It can basically be added onto the entry I just wrote below.
He left it under the epic entry: How To Have Premium Pussy (Without The Pussy)

Check to see what he said…

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