God Kills Optimistic People, Don’t He?

I thought about something today.
What would Jamari be without “thinking“, huh?

I was laying in my bed this morning,
after making a muthafucka of an omelet I might add,
and I was thinking about losing it all….

In life, they say we need to believe and depend in God that everything that happens, happens for a reason.
They also say, “Everything happens in God’s time.
Sometimes, I feel God is running on CPT especially when I’m in an emotional ICU.
Well, what about those people who die waiting for God to give them this marvelous blessing?
What if these same people prayed every day and night, on their knees until they were bloody.
… and then, nothing.
Were they being punished?
Were they reaping some bad karma?
Were they examples for us to follow that not everything happens to “good people“?

We need to take some very big losses in order to gain bigger wins.
But, I had to wonder if we will ever see that victory in our lifetime?
Some of us won’t meet our Wolf/Fox/Hybrid.
Others, won’t become rich.
But, we all have prayers, hopes, wishes, dreams, and fantasies we live off in hopes of them coming true.

I have seen the underdog take the trophy.
I have also seen winners take huge losses and drop out the race.
It is like life is one huge Wheel of Fortune wheel we spin every time we wake up.
The scary thing is we don’t know where it may land.

Should we always remain optimistic and keep on praying?

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “God Kills Optimistic People, Don’t He?”

  1. I don’t really pray that much because I feel that it doesn’t do any good for me, others would argue, but that’s just my opinion. Even though I’m not praying, that doesn’t mean that other shouldn’t. Prayer is good if things are going your way or not. We should always be optimistic because we never know what might happen.

  2. I don’t really pray or go to church anymore either. There used to be a time where I would be praying on my knees until I got some kind of sign, but now I feel like God’s troubled child he’s telling to fend for himself for while. Prayer is for those shiny, glowing Christians who have the whole bible memorized and get what they prayed for the next day.

  3. Keep on being optimistic and keep praying if for nothing else but for calmness in your life and spirit. I have been faced with situations where I thought ahead of what would I do if this happened to me. And ultimately some of things I worried about happened to me and I survived them, I now appreciate even the little things in life that are unexpected blessings. Sometimes, I like others get caught up in the glitz and glamour of life wanting to experience life on a supastar level but I am on a broke baller budget, but so many times as we often see on this very blog, all that glimmers and shine is not golden. I appreciate the place I am in right now, its not so good but its not so bad either. Thanking God for good health, I am right now very worried about my future, I am unemployed and looking and my money is getting funny but Im still living and breathing and hopeful that things are going to work out. I might not be on the level I was on, but I can learn to live with less and I realize that material things dont make you happy anyway, its the relationships we forge with others that make us truly happy in life.

  4. Being optimistic is all you have. I try and stay optimistic although its hard cause if i didnt i would stress myself out and have a nervous breakdown. No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets youll make it!

  5. Yes, always remain optimistic and keep praying, there is always a storm before the most wonderful days and seasons.. Its called a cleansing, just keep the faith

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