i use to carry the burden of always being on all the time.
even when i didn’t,
i did it out of insecurity tbh.
i wanted people in my real to know i was poppin’ too.
i wanted the wolves i liked to know i was still here.
you know what always annoyed me?

When I was on,
people in my real life would neglect my shit.
When I’m off,
those same people were wondering why I’m not posting.
I had people in group chats discussing WHY I wasn’t posting.
Oh he’s probably depressed again,” they said.
They had my number tho…

that use to fuck me up because they were never shy to support others.
people they talked about like trash got a like.
all of those same people are always and still “on” tho.
they have to let everyone know what cool shit they’re getting into.
it use to make me feel like i wasn’t enough but in reality…


trump wants to make america pray again

trump never ceases to amaze me.
he is like an abusive parent.
he’ll cuss you tf out and then want to pray for you after.
i guess the rona has really got him shaking in his spray tan because…

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devon franklin shares a “right on time” prayer

ya know,
last night i was laying in bed frustrated af last night.
even though i was having fun with the live tweets,
my personal life has been in shambles.

i’ve been sick all weekend with another cold
my job won’t allow me to call out
my money is all the way funny due to random bills
my credit bills are a disaster
i’m breaking out like crazy all over my face

it’s like the devil wants to bring me down.
i said to mysef that i cannot wait until i get my roses.
when i can finally be free from the corporate slave ship.
i’ve been seeing folks share a recent video from devon franklin.
he’s the husband to meagan good.
i was ignoring it,
but i was led to watch it and…
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Let’s Have Melania Trump Pray Our Sins Away

i always like to start off my day with a prayer to the Lord.
i thankful for waking up to see another day,
protection throughout,
and for my enemies to be my footstools.
you know,
the usual.
it always just flows out of my mouth as i say it.
so melania trump started off a florida rally in prayer yesterday.
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