Let’s Have Melania Trump Pray Our Sins Away

i always like to start off my day with a prayer to the Lord.
i thankful for waking up to see another day,
protection throughout,
and for my enemies to be my footstools.
you know,
the usual.
it always just flows out of my mouth as i say it.
so melania trump started off a florida rally in prayer yesterday.


so much things going on in that clip.
is she reading it off a paper?

a iphone?
it sounded like she never did that before.
the orange dictator was hovering around her like the sociopath he is.
i bet he promised a hold on her credit cards if she didn’t go up there.
don’t even get me started at no one even closing their eyes during the prayer.
no heads being bowed.
the “blacks for trump 2020” should have caused the place to ignite in flames.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Have Melania Trump Pray Our Sins Away

    1. ^I’m loving it because he is single-handedly fucking up the Republican Party. When they finally act, it will be too late.

  1. And the Mother’s Board said in unison-“No Ma’am Pam” Bless her heart, you can tell she is not for this First Lady stuff, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton are weeping and lifting her up in prayer this morning. Why is Agent Orange walking around her like “I know you can do it Melania just concentrate”. This fool is even worse than anyone could have at first believe. Someone please send her to bible study this upcoming Wednesday night.

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