Crack That Egg All On My Face Daddy (Fuck Jackal Hi-jinx)

was anyone ever really impressed with brian pumper?
his hair and bawdy is the truth,
but i never saw a foXXX with him that impressed me.
he is just all around weird af.
as you know,
he is rapper wolf attentionisto in thse forests.
he has a new song called “crackin eggs”.
you read right.
peep is the song…

well his campaign for that song is rather interesting.
he is literally crackin’ eggs on vixen’s faces:

now see…
that’s just wasting perfectly good eggs.
can someone else do with an omelette right about now?
okay back to the this fool.
i bet they had their lips all over his wolf tail before he did that shit.

you know how hard egg is to get off clothes?
brian a damn mess ( x out here ).

lowkey: did he retire from porn?
 should he have?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

43 thoughts on “Crack That Egg All On My Face Daddy (Fuck Jackal Hi-jinx)

  1. Is he well? Like in the head?

    I feel like he’s a waste. Porn is a billion dollar industry so why aren’t more of these actors that have been in thousands of movies not moving into producing, grooming new talent, and creating their own studios. I guarantee you a white man is behind even the blackest porn movie with more black dicks than an NFL lockerroom.

      1. He did get into the production side. Remember he put Montana Fishburne in the game and ultimately that was the end of his career. Even in porn you can commit career suicide by messing with a ‘A-lister’ daughter. Plus alot of the vixens said he was an asshole to work with. Me personally big butt or not he was never my favor. I was more of a Rico Strong follower. Trust he is worth the view.

    1. Well black male pornstars and black female pornstars are the lowest paid in the industry. Brian hasn’t retire he just hasn’t been getting any calls to do and videos. My cousin is friends with “Rico Strong” they get paid per video between $500-$1,800 all depending on the role. They don’t get royalties as actors and when the video is produced the money from sales goes to whomever is the distribution company/filming company. Only white Women get hundred thousand/ million dollar deals cause they are more in demand. Men buy porn for the fish not the beef lol

      1. Last sentence isn’t necessarily true.

        Even the straightest of white men want to see a BBC going into a pink vagina. They just won’t say it. Lol

        Same thing with black men.

        If these men leveraged their worth more instead of fucking for survival they’d get more.

    1. ^eddie hasn’t snapped in a while!
      he said the director wouldn’t let him snap his last scene.
      eddie seems to do porn and direct town hall meetings on the side lol

      1. Yep, the asshole kind. I read the rumors years ago when people were talking about how homophobic he could be. They also said he was into transvestites. But these are just rumors.

  2. I used to think he was so sexy back in the day now he does nothing for me.

    P.S. Who is the new black king of straight porn nowadays anyway?

      1. Jamari, you mean Nat Turnher? That mofo can mos def get it. lol I love the fact that he doesn’t have a very big dick. He looks about a good 6.5-7 inches with a nice thickness. And his stroke game is so damn serious. lol I think because the dick isnt that big it actually helps his stroking. lol Ive heard to many stories of big dick dudes that cant fuck, bc they are so lazy with it.

    1. Brian was VERY sexy in his heyday. His body was on point…but like many porn stars, he burned MANY bridges. Because he became so “hot” in the industry so fast, his ego got the best of him. He became difficult to work with, and many actresses and actors didn’t want to shoot scenes with him. He tried to do his own production company, I forget the name of it, but it ran into trouble and shut down.

      I think he still makes movies, but not like he used to. I’ve heard rumors that he was living out of his car. There was a video of him trying to pick up girls on the subway/bus…but they weren’t having it. LOL

      For years it was rumored that he was a private escort to the stars and athletes. If that’s true, it’s sad how he turned out, because that could’ve been lucrative for him. He may have portrayed that he was homophobic, but I believe that he was down for the cau$e (if you get my drift). LOL

      There are many dudes out there now, none of whom I really know. I used to like Nate Turner, he was a sexy thuggish type. But I came up with Lexington Steele, Mr. Marcus, Brian Pumper, etc. Mr. Marcus…lord that man does things to me STILL. He REALLY enjoys his work. Another one I like is Shane Diesel. THAT dude has a SERIOUS pipe on him…and he lays it WELL!

    2. There are three incredible straight porn actors out there now besides Ricky Johnson Jax Slayher, Isaiah Maxwell, Rod Piper These guys are ultra sexy have thick muscular bodies and of course some of the biggest dicks I have ever seen They put the gay actors to shame

  3. A person on Youtube says they saw him in at a Food 4 Less on Western Ave in Los Angeles back in December.He was trying to convince women to do a video.I wonder if he found these two at Food 4 Less or on the Metro(train).He picks up women on the street and has sex with them.He has videos on Youtube where he shows the women.He also posted a video showing he doesn’t have any STDs on his Youtube Channel “Brian Pumper”.

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fuckin can’t with this nigga this motherfucka is completely out of his fuckin mind OK now I’m truly convinced this motherfucka is retarded he gives me mildly retarded guy teas who got as much help as he could get as a kid to function properly as an adult but it only works to a certain point because ultimately he still can’t help what he is which is retarded he just needs to stick with what he knows slinging dick lol!

  5. Is Ace Rockwood still doing straight porn under the name John Johnson?I saw one video of him having sex with a black woman.I’m too cheap to buy porn so I see old stuff on free sites.😂

    1. I don’t think he is. I heard that he wasn’t accepted very well by the straight porn industry. He has done too much gay porn for any credibility in straight porn. And he didn’t stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  6. Allegedly Brian is HIV+. That’s why he’s had to resort to doing this type of work. No studio wants to risk working with him especially after he fabricated his results.

    1. ^@DJ…I remember him being suspended from working in the industry because he fabricated his results, but I thought that he took another test and it came back negative. I believe something similar happened with Mr. Marcus also regarding test results.

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