Father God


Father God…

i’m coming to you right now because i feel confused.
i’m at a place in my life where i feel so unsure.
my job is about to come to an end and i’ll be back to square one.
i remember when i was on unemployment and i nearly didn’t make it.
through your mercy,
you kept me fed and with a roof over my head.
for that,
i give you great thanks.
it seems like i’ll be at that place again very soon.

Father God,
i miss my best friend.
i miss his voice and how he knew what to say to me.
i am blessed with many great friends,
but star fox was my brother.
i feel i wouldn’t have made such bad decisions if he was still here.
i would have spoken to him and he would have helped me.
i would love to hear his voice again.

Father God,
i’m grateful for all the blessings you have provided for me.
when i look around in my apartment,
it has all been because of you.
i don’t know how i made it this far,
but i know it was through my faith in you.
i ask that you continue to shine a light on this path for me.
i’m scared.

Father God,
i ask you bless my friends,
and those who read the foxhole.
i pray you make my enemies my footstools and allow me to walk over them to my destiny.
i am grateful for you,
and your son Christ Jesus…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Father God”

  1. Jamari, my brother you are a very special person. I greatly admire and appreciate you for the foxhole, because you truly saved my life no joke. You, have had a tough life and experienced important loses. Jamari, let me tell you, you are so strong brother a lot of us would have given up, but you stay pushing. I thank you for everything you do, thanks for answering my long foxmail emails lol, updating daily, and just keeping it real with the foxhole. Keep having the faith brother you will be fine, I’m praying for you brother. My dad always says bad days don’t last forever.

  2. I cried, for real i cried, because a feel the pain but we all pray for you Jamari, we pray God gives you not what you want but what you need. I know you will be alright. It’s hard right now but don’t be scared, God is with you, all day every day. Stay blessed brother.

  3. You are in my prayers. I know it sounds cliche, but it is so true “When one door closes, a window opens” Let me share this with you. My brother was so unhappy at his job at BB&T, the company was just overloading him with overtime–without overtime pay. The week that he spoke with his boss about the extra work that began at 8am and ended at 1am his house that he was renting from his sister-in-law burned down because of his neighbors and the gusty winds that day. Well he almost ended in a shelter, but found refugee at his sister-in-laws house. His boss wasn’t tryin to hear any excuses and the fact that he worked from home it made things hectic with him being at a new place without his own privacy and office. A month passed and he was fired the same week he closed on his new house on a Monday. He had been submitting resumes before the fire and he got two interviews by Friday and was offered the same position he had at the BB&T + 10,000 more a year. My point is, his house had to burn down for him to rebuild his faith and prosper. You will just fine. God got you man.

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