trump wants to make america pray again

trump never ceases to amaze me.
he is like an abusive parent.
he’ll cuss you tf out and then want to pray for you after.
i guess the rona has really got him shaking in his spray tan because…

we been praying every day since you got elected sir.

i was just telling someone that if he has the rona,
he won’t admit it.
not only would social media blow tf up,
but he will definitely look like he didn’t handle this well.
plus at his big boomer age,
that wouldn’t end well.
the country is a complete shit show at this moment.
when will it get better?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “trump wants to make america pray again”

  1. They’re all scared. He’s actually saying what they tell him to. His little virus scene is blowing up in there face….where is his Olivia Pope…she can fix it

    1. ^i hope it continues to expose his incompetence.

      i wonder if they are targeting andrew to throw the attention off the rona drama.
      they need some kind of distraction for the american public.

  2. Playing with god now his days are few anyhow he will loose November elections I blame him for this flu they would blame Obama let’s get it started this is his 911/ Katrina bye

    1. @Quarius, exactly, playing with God, all the dirty shit he’s done, thinking he won’t pay! Better read about pharaoh! You reap what you sow usually later than you sow.

    2. Hope his Azz end up in jail. POS..He ran frm NYC to Florida because he knows NY is waiting to arrest his Azz as soon as he leaves office.. He’s desperate to win in 2020 because that win would keep hi. in office past and cover the time ie. statuete of limitation.

      1. They been got rid of statue of limitations, that’s how Cosby got locked up. All those charges been past the statue of limitations. They will get him soon as a new President is elected because he is no longer covered by the office. He becomes Former President.

  3. His entire Presidency shows his incompetence. Governors are now taking over instead of waiting on him. I told somebody else, its funny how Adam Silver heard one NBA Player was infected and he shut the entire league down. The President heard a few people in different states were infected and he didn’t care. He said its gonna get hot soon so calm down. Not one Presidential Order to close anything. He used all his Presidential Orders to erase what Obama did. This is definitely his 9/11 Katrina. Obama had H1N1 and it was no where near like this and had way more cases. He made sure hospitals were ready, he made sure the country didn’t panic. You wait until the final hour of an election to sit and do nothing… yeah you good and voted out. If this isn’t a sign we need someone else to run this country right, its gonna get worst.

  4. Having seen a handful of US presidents in action this one is easily the worst, and I thought George W. Bush would own that title for all time, with 9/11, the Iraq War, anthrax, warrantless wiretapping, Hurricane Katrina, the failed Afghan War, and the 2007-8 US and global financial collapse, but this racist, lying, hateful, whiny, extremely insecure incompetent pathetic excuse for a man Trump takes the rotten cake.

    He is screwing up so badly and putting so many lives at risk in this country and across the globe that he’s outdoing in less than four years what it took Bush to do in 8. He can attack Obama, Hillary Clinton and everyone else all he wants, but the world is spinning even more out of control since he took office, and it is going to get worse before it gets better.

    He and everyone around him knew his 2020 election chances against even a lackluster Democrat like Joe Biden were dicey, which is why he tried that Ukraine ish after his Russian shenanigans to defeat Hillary Clinton, but this horrific disease may do what no one in Congress and millions of voters couldn’t, which is drive him from office. It’s been time for him to go. And then go straight to prison, cause if anyone else committed as many crimes as Trump has they’d be underneath the damned prison!

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