andrew gillum has something to say via statement

andrew gillum is a real handsome wolf.
how did i miss this one?
well after his scandal over the weekend,
you knew a statement was coming.
i had a joke about the escorts and “cumming”,
but i’ll refain.
this is what andrew had to say to us over what happened

“i also know that alcoholism is often a symptom of deeper struggles”.

ya know,
i respect him for wanting to get help.
he was very honest about his alcohol abuse.
this is actually the right move after such a scandal as this.
if he had continued to deny,
it probably wouldn’t have ended well.
it’s best he go to rehab,
do a church stint after,
and have his wife stand by his side.
if she leaves him,
he can either come out as gay or live under the radar.
if i was him,
i’d choose the latter.
folks do love a comeback story tho.
good luck andrew.
stay away from the snow attentionistos going forward.

low-key: andrew has a tail on him…

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Author: jamari fox

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24 thoughts on “andrew gillum has something to say via statement”

  1. I hope he gets the help he needs. It’s got to be really miserable leading a double life. Some people try to save face to please the masses. Too many people get hurt, as so many men are trapped in unhappy marriages.

  2. I really hope that the post gay marriage generation no longer hides in the closet. Its so hard to leave, especially after you have kids. People always called me brave for coming out 20 years ago. Nope, had I stayed closeted I would have killed myself. It’s so coercive.

  3. That’s great.I hope through extensive therapy he is able to get to the root of the deep seeded issues that caused the depression/substance abuse and he is able to live his truth whatever it may be.

  4. That deeper struggles comment im interested in seeing where this whole set up goes.

    He’s an attractive guy it’d be smart to find better people to be dl with them snow queens are not looking out for you.

  5. I actually feel really bad for him. I hope the time away from the limelight includes a period of self-reflection, discussions with his wife and an understanding counselor or psychologist about his sexuality and struggles, and beneficial, healing treatment if he does have an alcohol (and meth) addiction. I figured the pain of losing by 40,000 votes (so close) out of millions cast probably devastated him, but I also think he might have been battling demons and walking on the edge for a while, so this was a wake-up call. Sending him blessings and I hope he rises from the ashes of this sad moment like a phoenix.

    1. Sorry I’m not buying his story about the loss of the governor race set him to drinking.. What does the loss have to do with him in a room with some trashy male prostitute, drunk on Meth, He obviously had to know them to be in a hotel room. I’ve always had a hinkling that he was gay.. My cousin’s husband is a City Comissioner in Florida and knows him, said he’s a nice guy..It’s unfortunate, but there are photos of him with that guy and others, the body language screams..Gay Clique

  6. I have to say for a man in his 40’s Andrew Gillum does look surprisingly good. I don’t know, I don’t really buy the whole alcoholism spin. I in no means want to diminish the negative affects that alcoholism may have, and I respect the fact that Andrew was able to admit that his defeat in Florida negatively affected him; I just don’t see how alcoholism gets you into a room butt naked with a white gay male escort (allegedly) having a crystal meth episode. Even more crazy is how race plays a factor because he was the black politician with the black wife and black kids who was running to become what I believe would’ve been Florida’s first black governor and even though he lost, he goes an squanders all that political capital trying to chase some white tail that isn’t even on his level in terms of accomplishments. Now you risked or very likely ended your marriage, you put you kids at a huge disadvantage by potentially robbing them of the chance of growing up in a stable 2 parent household and for what exactly, if you’re going to risk so much a least go for the CEO of a company or a hedge fund manager , don’t go for the model with a crystal meth problem.

    1. Actually he was on CNN as recent as Super Tuesday and he was a mess. He was stumbling his words on a panel with Anderson Cooper and the rest. I thought at the time maybe he’s nervous and a little confused. Alcoholism now makes sense. He was a rising star and this is sad. I hope he gets help. And let’s be honest I know at least 10 different friends and Frat brothers in the same situation. (Married to wives, kids, dudes seen on the side.) Most of them seem be doing fine with no DUI’S and scandals. This could be more linked to who he has around him at any given time. I always wonder when drinking and drugging becomes the norm with folks.

  7. To be frank I think he should have known better, this guy was the Mayor Of Tallahasse.. How do you have such a high profile. and is seen in photos hanging out with the white escort who is also a porn star.. Really he sounds like he’s lost himself.his way.. He may have bought the idea that he’s made it so he’s invincible, forgetting that he’s still a Black man
    I read that the so called escort told the NYT that he doesnt know anything about Gillum going to a wedding. He also said he’s getting a lawyer, so is he thinking of going up against Gillum. I feel bad for his wife, his kids, hes brought them into shame.. Sorry he should have known better. I hope he get the help he needs and learn a lesson from this experience.

  8. Him being Political Trade ain’t new he was power topping dudes in Tallahassee before the election he just got sloppy. I KNOW !!! Cause i live here. He really didn’t have to say anything after the chargers were dropped but oh well.

  9. I love how he thinks the bigger scandal here is drugs and alcohol. lol

    No Andrew! The scandal is about YOU (a married father of 3) being caught in a hotel room with a white gay circuit queen who was overdosing on meth. That’s why this story has legs. Nobody believes depression drove you to drink and party with a gay male escort brah. Cut the bullshtt

  10. They said that the cops body cam footage will be released to the public!! It was stool and blood on the sheets!!! He not gonna get past this. He need more people in place to take care of things like this! This should not have went like this. I can understand a man in his position hiding but in his effort to hide he wound up humiliating himself and his cover family. I am not for the DL but I say if that’s your route play with those who are on the same road with something to lose! He got a prostitute that’s running his mouth and everybody know these hoes do not follow the code anymore. Congratulations Sir You played yourself!!!

      1. B Scott has some leaked pics.One shows Andrew naked on floor vomiting, a white towel next to his head has yellow substance on it.Dad

  11. He’s very handsome. I know I’d love to help him release some more blood and feces.

    But, I’m not white.

    1. Honestly tho I thought only white men in power were doing this pnp to black men. They gonna shame him for stepping into that world.

  12. I do wonder if Gillum was an openly gay/bi man–mmm a black Pete Buttigieg if you will–would he have gotten as much support as he did from the black community…???

  13. If there is footage of just only them in the bed with blood and stool on the sheets and the escort was naked, that definitely blows his “dl” cover. The secret is out. You were caught with a gay bottom porn star, you busted. Running to rehab is their cover to find a way to get this scandal covered up and disappear. Its already two different stories, why would you lawyer up if you are not being charged with a crime. You went to the hospital for an overdose. Trust me, this is not over and if he lawyers up, he is suing and that footage is getting leaked.

      1. I don’t think the people would care if he was topped or he topped, the fact he married and he was busted with a male escort is enough right there. I mean only people who know the background personally knows how he gets down because its no secret. Like KeKe Palmer always say, “the gag is you just now finding out” “we been knew about Andrew”. I mean its pretty much like how Chicago knows R. Kelly forced those women to watch him smash dudes and get head from them. The gag is they not talking because they wasn’t being held against their will.

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