they all become really gay or bi once drink 3 hits

he likes you.
the problem is he isn’t supposed to like you.
that’s why he is always so back and forth.

One minute he is showing you he is interested

Next minute: You don’t know where you stand

have you noticed that he drinks and smokes a lot tho?
when he is under the influence,
that’s when you can really tell that he is feeling you.
well i had a theory that i posed to the foxhole today…

there is a wolf that i’m currently attracted to.
i want this wolf BAD.


anyway he is one way,
but when he has some weed and alcohol in his system,
his attraction to me literally jumps out.
he’ll only call or text when the bisexuality is activated tho.
it be like jean grey/the phoenix in x-men:

“I can’t control it”

all the males who have been attracted to me,
but were confused af,
all had the same pattern.
many of us use drugs/alcohol/both to bring our inhibitions down.
we have better sex when we are on “something”.
i can’t go out without at least getting a drink or three.
once i have that in me,
i’m more open than usual.
have you noticed:

Someone who acts very guarded and reserved,
when likka’d or drugged up,
can be a whole other animal?

its like those folks from your job at happy hour.
they can be so standoffish at work,
but a different animal when they get some alcohol in them.
as soon as they come back to work monday,
they are back to being the same standoffish bitch/asshole.
you walk up to them like it’s all good and they dub you.
next happy hour tho:

one of my ex-supervisors admitted why she is a bitch at work at a christmas party.
no one fucks with her,
but she decided to be honest with one of my ex-coworkers.
she said “her direct boss drives her crazy and it effects her moods“.

I feel that is the same with males who are low-key gay/bi.

the “andrew gilum scandal” taught me something.
something he said in his statement:

“I also know that alcoholism is often a symptom of deeper struggles”.

many males out here are using drugs and alcohol to suppress their desires.
they are using these vices to sleep with vixens,
but also using them to mess with other males as well.
i asked a few foxholers for their opinions on this:

i can see a pattern.
the bad thing it’s also easier to claim “i didn’t know what i was doing” too.
aht aht!
excuses excuses.

you know you would have enjoyed clapping these cheeks sober too.

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you ain’t gotta lieeeeeeeeee.

11 thoughts on “they all become really gay or bi once drink 3 hits

  1. My boy actually told me…if I had some Henn’ ain’t no telling what I’d do to you. 👀👀👀I’m like ohreeeaaally?

  2. I used to love this game of chasing then I grew to love my self, I don’t really bother with anyone who doesn’t show me the same level of interest I show them anymore no matter how much I find them attractive. Don’t you guys find it tiring to chase someone you’re not sure is actually into you?

    1. If only I were white. I’d bring some liquor and whatever to an Gillum feces and blood on the sheets party any day.

  3. There’s honestly a flip side to this though.

    I know when I’m feeling depressed I drink and I usually hit up “old dependable” individuals I know will give me attention to make me feel better and give me an ego boost. Once I’m back to normal I don’t really have an interest or use for them until the next time.

    May not be nice but most of do it.

  4. I don’t like the idea of having to get someone drunk to be intimate with.
    If you you have to drink to find me attractive, it’s just doesn’t worth the fight.
    There are plenty of attractive people willing to have sex with them.

    1. I don’t think it’s that they need to get drunk in order to find a person attractive.
      They use the drugs/drinks to release those inhibitions and get their freak on…then they can use the fact that they were drunk/high as an excuse for that behavior.
      I had a guy hit on me when he was drunk once, or at least he was playing drunk. The next time he saw me he asked me if he said/did anything out of the ordinary the night he was “drunk”. I lied to him and said no. He had such a relieved look on his face, which led me to believe that he wasn’t really “drunk”. LOL

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