prayers from the entrance in the valley

we are here again.
i’m feeling scared and a little insecure.
i’m worried about money,
my bills,
and my wants.
i don’t know why tho.
i’ve been down this valley before…

…but this time,
i’m trying to pursue a career as a blogger.
i feel worthless and full of fear for whatever reason.
i think how i was raised played a major part.
it has led me to be dependent on the help of someone.
sorta like how i did with my parents.
i think that has been 95% of the problems i have had.

i’m not popular,
and i don’t have a ton of connects in this forest,
but i do have the universe and You.
both of you are the most powerful connects i have.
so God,
i’m keeping my faith that things will get better.
i ask that in this season of change,
you give me the tools i need to climb a different mountain.
it won’t be challenging because you have me covered.

last week,
i took a breather to get my mind in order.
next week,
i ask for the steps to be lit and my confidence to be restored.
you know my heart and all that i am.
i’m putting my problems in a box and giving them to you.

i know you will sort them out for my benefit.
i ask that i will never have to want for anything.
the roof will stay over my head,
my bills will be paid,
and food will be in my fridge.
i will feel happy,
and luxurious at all times.
my enemies will be my footstools and i will walk over them to my destiny.
i ask for protection for my family,
and those who read the foxhole.

thank you in advance for all that i come to you about,
in your son and in the universe


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “prayers from the entrance in the valley”

  1. I truly am praying for you, because it is not easy or comfortable being in the valley, but if you can endure it the blessing on the other side is going being life changing.

    1. ^thank you for the prayers king.

      earth shattering blessings for the both of us.
      even if you aren’t in the valley,
      you will always be comfortable and content!

  2. God dwells in the valley, fear and light can not mix, fear is not believing what is unseen, light is knowing that you may be in valley but you know something bigger than your problems are there also to guide you and lead you, yes sir you are a blogger now blog and let god do the rest he only moves when you make the first bloggers are making bank for makeup just think what you as a spiritual writer, who really gets his readers can do . Do you and let god do his thing that will find you ok and happy making your blog and readers happy. Get ready to live your best life.

  3. In Jesus name pray that things will get better for you!! As a single man, I can truly testify that God is more than a provider!!! So many times I didn’t know how I would make it, but HE always comes thru! He will take care of you!! Continue to walk by faith and not by sight my friend!!

  4. I had a good federal “secure” job. Got laid off. I was miserable there, but afraid of how I’d support myself. Got another federal job six months later..and it seemed a blessing, only for me to get laid off 3 months in. I was devastated.

    I’ve been doing work study for school and it hasn’t been enough. Applied for an unternshipt I didn’t think I’d get. They called me several times to clarify things on my application. Took longer than they said they would to let me know.

    I got it. It doesn’t pay as much as the federal job, but they’re paying for room and board and food.

    My point is each time I was terrified of things going bad, I realized that I survived. And am able to still look back. I often think how if I died, nobody would say, “He had so much promise”. That my absence wouldn’t even be noticed and my life wouldn’t have mattered.

    If airheads who make their group look bad “matter” and are relevant, I certainly am.

    Nobody highlights doctors who perform free surgeries or athletes making dreams cone true.

    My point is, don’t do it to say Jamari is that dude. Do it because you know you can, love it and want to give others the opportunity in the future.

    Branden aka Joanne the Scammer is tall, mixed, light skinned, has a big D and is insecure. Do you think he knew he’d go from porn videos to hosting Rihanna’s makeup launch?

    Some inspiration:

    1. Applied for an internship I didn’t think I’d get.*

      Athletes making dreams come true *

  5. Amen. Praying for your prosperity and peace. Put in the work, focus on ways to overcome your adversities instead of wallowing in them and keep up your faith and positivity. Do this and let God handle what is out of your control. You’re gonna be good fox. 👍🏿

  6. God will bless you if you’re doing the work. If you have your degree go back and get your master’s degree. If you have a Masters are active on LinkedIn than you shouldn’t be worrying too much.

  7. With respect, Somehow I thought most gay black men evolved from the idea of gods and religion. Black Slaves worshiped these Christian gods for centuries and look where it got them. I wish you all the best, but if you’re placing all of your bets in the idea of some omnipotent entity coming to your rescue then good luck with that! If you want to change the circumstances surrounding your life there are powerful resources available to you right NOW. No need to place a note in a bottle and toss it out to sea, or get on your knees and worship some malevolent deity. CHANGE is accessible through you right NOW.

    Btw, If I mentioned that I believed in Zeus and the Greek Gods of Olympus many people would consider me crazy. Just remember that when you proudly proclaim your love to Jesus and his human virgin mother they called Mary. I won’t bother mentioning the talking snakes in the garden of Eden.

    1. People say that Christians beat others over the head with their Bibles.

      I’ve found atheists to do the same thing.

      You can be encouraging without being condescending.

      A woman unhappy with her God-given face, Scarlett Johansen went into a rant about how God didn’t help her get an award, she did it on her own.

      If I ever meet her, I’ll have words for her.

      While you’re being enlightened at the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, don’t lose respect for other’s beliefs and your basic human decency.

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