jimmy garoppolo makes his debut in “the big easy”

folks are always shocked 96% of baller wolves like easy pussy.
96% of the common male likes easy pussy.
some of these baby mamas were “easy pussy” too.
experienced pussy is probably next on the list.
baller snow wolf for the 49ers,
jimmy garoppolo,
seems to like him some experienced pussy as well.
a professional one.
he was spotted on an outing with a porn star.
according to “tmz sports”

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo definitely appreciates a woman with experience … because he went on a dinner date Wednesday night — with one of the biggest porn stars in the world!!!

26-year-old Jimmy G and Kiara Mia hit up Avra restaurant in Beverly Hills … where they walked in arm-in-arm and toasted with wine together at the dinner table. 

At the end of the date, the two walked to a waiting car together — Jimmy had a big smile on his face … and Kiara’s IG account might explain why.

 he smashed.

he looked like he was going all out for the pussy.
you don’t want it to feel so sleazy.
i can imagine he has jacked off to her movies before.
he has probably dreamed of suckin on those big ass titties.
she looks like she knows what she’s doing on a pipe too.
( x exhibit a )
 ( x exhibit b )
( x her kardashian spoof )
i just hope he knew what he was doing.

sidebar: he is handsome af.

lowkey: the amount of porn stars some of our straight fantasies have smashed.
these porn stars be eating their tails and all kinds of nasty shit.
i’m aroused just thinking about it.
if ig ever had a glitch where you could read everyone’s dms…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “jimmy garoppolo makes his debut in “the big easy””

  1. He better used a condom with her because some of these females porn stars carry a stds look what happened to Mr. Marcus.

  2. He probably is a jackrabbit and likes to gag a bitch and grip her around the neck. He will probably funk her in 30 different positions in 30 minuets then call her all kinds of unladylike names as he bust a nut all over her face then tell her that was fun can he call her an uber he has to get up early the next day and train or some shyt like that as he throws her a rag to wipe the nut off her face and clean her snatch off…which one to do first?

    1. Paulyrical lol I can totally see that happening. Those type of men who want a fantasy so they hire a pornstar and do the most freaky shit with them nasty style and once its all over they kick them out the hotel room lol.

      I think its kinda hot though *shrugs*
      I wouldn’t say no if a fine baller wanted to spend the night doing freaky shit and then sends me away when we’re done

  3. Wonder if there was money exchanged at the dinner? Was this one of those situations? No judgement. Just wondering. What goes on bwtween two consenting adults. ……..

  4. You know what? I find this little situation kinda refreshing. Rich men (clearly) like to sample all the flavors and they (sometimes) have to pay for it. Everybody seems happy about it. Looks like a win-win to me lol.

  5. When I saw him with her, I was highly disappointed. I really thought he could do better, but again, who are we to judge. Jimmy is fine though, no question about that.

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