michael b jordan has word vomit all over him (clean up on aisle ig live)

so they got michael b jordan having to explain himself now.
you remember ( x this entry )?
after all that backlash,
he got on his ig live to set the record straight…

i would have liked it if he didn’t do this.
once he started talking about milk and almond milk
isn’t almond milk white?
it didn’t help his case and made him look corny.
it had him looking nervous and tripping over his sentences.
then steelo brim chiming in talmbout “that’s his girl”

i never see beyonce or rihanna explaining themselves.
beyonce hasn’t explained why she’s still with her philandering husband.
i don’t even think b has ig on her phone.
rihanna doesn’t explain why she’s…
she simply doesn’t give a fuck.
they just “do” and everyone will “deal”.
that’s how i like my celebs and even regulars.
this is a teachable moment for those,
and even myself,
who feel the need to explain.
explaining yourself comes from insecurity.
those who are insecure have to explain why they do what they did,
especially when others disagree or feel will judge you.
no one else explains why they do what they do to YOU.

so next time you feel the need to explain your actions,
refer back to this video and the cringe of it all.

lowkey: i liked when celebrities were mysteries.
they need to handle this new ig shit better.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “michael b jordan has word vomit all over him (clean up on aisle ig live)”

  1. I think for Michael he realizes that his biggest fan base is black women, they’re the ones hyping him up the most. He hasn’t reached yet the kind of crossover status where he’s big enough to everyone over all races like a Will Smith, Samuel L Jackson, or Mr.Washington where this kind of thing doesn’t matter. I agree that responding to it like he did wasn’t a good look. He came across like somebody’s older uncle trying to sound hip.

  2. I can’t put my finger on it (I think I would have to wash it if I did), but there is something about him that I sincerely dislike. Yes he is handsome and def body and face goals but I see him as a person trying too hard.

    One more thing, NEVER alienate your core fan base/demographic. So many celebs have been canceled cause of that. If you like white girls 🙄🙄🙄 suffer it to be so. But keep it real. There was more of an allure when he didn’t speak….

    1. I totally agree, especially with your second paragraph, 100%. Michael should tread lightly or just be quiet.

    2. I never liked him. He did Fantastic Four and instead of showing comic fans why he’d do research and play the mess out of Johnny Storm, he sat there at that interview looking dumb.

      black people have to work twice as hard and still get passed over for mediocre talentless Whites.

      How dare he not do research so even if people came at him, he could show how he was informed on the role. Imagine not knowing Malcolm X’s birthday, but playing him in a movie. That’d be unacceptable. Unprofessional actors will be never get my respect.

      I’ve also seen him in interviews with Black gay men…and he is not comfortable with himself.

      The sounds like he has to burp because he’s deepening his voice, the dumb jock aura he gives off….

      And the fact that as a BLACK man in Hollywood, he had to wait for White actors to sign a diversity clause, like he hasn’t had troubles getting roles himself.

      He should’ve wanted to create opportunities for others who look like him after his first audition.

  3. l don’t like him smh. It’s the same way l feel about Drake, it’s not a strong dislike but they don’t seem like they’re being themselves and that just erks me. l’d respect a cornball who knows himself versus a “wolf” who try’s to be down. Maybe it’s just me *shrugs*

    1. @John I feel you.. Theres just something forced about him. And this video is corny as hell.

  4. I dnt know what he talkin bout’ in the video, but that phat ass toungue stickin out in the pic is turnin me on! 😍🤤😍🤤

  5. Like I read another woman write, this pineapple is from Newark!

    If he wanted a black woman he could have one.

    Its whatever, as a lot of famous black man are the same way, but don’t fake flirt with Lupita knowing that ain’t yo wave and you just want black women to flock to the theatre to support you.

    Those pictures on the boat prove magazines photoshop the fuck out of his whole body too.

    1. Gather him like weeds for his faux woke Lupita mess. They always do that “She’s like a sister mess”, but when she’s with a Jared Leto, they feel some kind of way.

  6. He is really ashy for that. Ashy and insecure. He would jump on ig live to fan flames if it were some gay shit too. Most of the time I prefer the hot men to just keep that mouth shut cause when they open that trap 8/10 its some dumb shit falling out

  7. He’s a cornball who got lucky in Hollywood. It’s just that simple. There are hundreds if not thousands of Black actors, comedians and talented individuals who have struggled to just get a small bite of the pie that is called the “industry” yet they are looked over. Michael B Jordan is the current placeholder right now and casting agents (whom are mostly white) cannot see the vastness of other talent among people of color. So they allow people like MBJ to ride the wave of success unchallenged in every major role that calls for a black man as the lead or supporting character. You can even argue that white leading men in Hollywood have to compete harder because there are more of them, but lucky marginally talented kneegrows like Michael B. Jordan will continually get casting calls just like Will Smith once did and currently Dwayne Johnson. Apparently, there is no room in Hollywood for more than one popular Black leading man at a time because it confuses white people.

    Ugh, sorry for the rant, I’m all over the place. 😒

  8. That was all kinds of unnecessary and points have been taken off because of that. Lord have mercy smh

  9. Several points.
    1. Can we stop holding Beyoncé and Rhianna out there as examples of celebrities who never respond, it’s one thing to be on TMZ its another thing to be on CNN. If a situation happened and Beyoncé money was being compromised she would respond.
    2. Michael B Jordan’s career just starting poppin off circa 2013, he’s lucky his career took off while he is still young enough to enjoy it. He probably has people from everywhere throwing themselves at him, I don’t blame him really. Date everyone and date often
    3. I could be wrong, but I think he’s playing the black community because he probably will end up with a Becky
    4. We should be shouting out Sterling K. Brown, at 42 his body is better than many people who are in their 20’s and maybe even better than Michael B Jordan’s to be honest. His career is taking off right now and again maybe doing even better than Michael B Jordan. Lest not forget his is actually married to a black woman

    1. ^i love sterling k brown.
      “this is us” has him as one of my favorite black actors.
      i didn’t know who he was until this show and his scenes in black panther.

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