michael b jordan is on that boat to talk about his meatballs

everyone wants to know who michael b jordan is fucking.
i mean,
we all do.
the thing is,
michael claims he likes black vixens,
but gets allegedly caught up with “others”.
the racially ambiguous and snow bunnies.

so when the black vixens saw these pictures on “the shade room”

it was:

black vixens…
michael b jordan is a young,
some will argue good looking,
bawdy carved from God,
 popular black acting wolf at the moment.
everyone want a piece of that pipe.
it comes with popularity.
the snow bunnies in the pictures aren’t going to talk about oceanography.
they are not being taken to get rings and loyalty.
if they are being taken to a remote location to,
they allegedly will:

suck as muck dick as they can
get their pussies pounded into a floor or mattress
maybe partake in some anal

…on the water overlooking a sunset.

4 snow bunnies
2 snow wolves
2 black wolves

whatchu thought was going down?
by the time those snow bunnies got back from wherever,
i’m sure all their holes will ice packs.
those snow bunnies was looking to get fucked.
if i’m a vixen on a boat with michael b jordan,
i’m looking to get fucked.

all allegedly fonting,
that is.
take it from a black fox who knows/knew popular straight wolves.
it’s all about getting as much pussy as they can.
regardless of race (and sometimes gender).
if a hoe is down to fuck; they fucking.
when a male can fuck whoever x 10,
we tend to go for it.
if you were dating michael and saw those pics,
then you have ever right to have a conniption.
if he’s a ra(coon) and truly doesn’t like black vixens,
there is another black acting wolf out there looking for…

lowkey: russell wilson use to be strictly snow bunnies.
now look at him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “michael b jordan is on that boat to talk about his meatballs”

  1. So, the thing is at some point we as black people are going to have to deal with the negative impacts that colonialism has had on black consciousness/ self-esteem around the globe. We can sit here and pretend that it’s all (and I do believe interracial love is real) love but the reality is black people have been conditioned to hate themselves/ ourselves and love everybody else. I only see black people, men, chasing after other groups of people, you don’t really see that in reverse. You don’t see white, Asian, Latin, Indian, Arab etc. chasing after black people romantically and when you do have instances they are anomalies.
    Michael B Jordan is smart yet manipulative. Jordan’s career is starting to take off, but he still doesn’t have that crossover appeal just yet, his main support comes from the black community; all his success and accolades comes from black subject matter or the black experience “Fruitvale Station, Creed, Black Panther”; everything else in film “The Fantastic Four (2015), That awkward moment” has been flops. At this stage in the game if he crosses the community especially black women he can be gone just that quick, lest we forget about former heartthrobs like Michael Ealy, Derek Luke, Taye Diggs etc.; where are they now? Not that long ago there was talk about Michael being engaged to a white woman then suddenly that disappeared (now to be fair that could have been fake), then he kind of got called out on the breakfast club for exclusively entertaining white women, then the next thing you know he’s entertaining a young black woman who was in his dm’s and taking pictures with Issa Rae and other black women.
    The truth is I don’t think Michael B Jordan is into black women romantically, but the reality is professionally and financially it would be to costly to admit it, so he will play the game of pretending until he gets exposed, the only question is will it happen now or will it happen at a time when his career can take that hit.

  2. Ummmm…well….hmmmm….okayyyy, yeah. If MBJ came to you and asked you to open your legs for some pipe, would you A.) Spread open. B.) Ask him what was the point of the Fantastic Four remake C.) Watch Holiday Heart starring Ving Rhames, while eating Nachos?

  3. I just think at this point that he should be quiet about his dating life for good at this point.

  4. I have even more respect for veterans like Denzel Washington now.

    He is largely such a class act and I have was looking at a picture of him when he was younger and its easy to forget how fine he was in his younger years, but he makes MBJ look like Steve Urkel when he was his age.

    I don’t think I ever heard any scandals about Denzel and he largely requested black women as love interests in his movies. Eric LaSalle from E.R. wouldn’t go for the interracial relationships thing on tv either and its one of the reasons they wrote him off the show.

    MBJ is still marginal to me. No where near the next Denzel or Will Smith, there just isn’t a lot of competition right now.

  5. Black people get mad because he’s living. Like he’s a multimillionaire and young he’s gonna fuck pussy of all denominations

    1. ^if he is out here acting like a ra(coon),
      then i can see why he’d get banished.
      he seems like he is doing him.
      there are way more problematic blacks out here to protest.

  6. I will say that he is attractive, but if he does not date your type, find someone who does.

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