well don’t be a (fake) bitch about it

i like my bitches to be upfront with their bitchery.
male or female.
i respect a real bitch.
nothing worst than a fake bitch being in disguise as:

a “good” person
that “cool” person
that “chill” family member
my “cool ass” foxholer
the “we connected” wolf

…so on and so forth.
i’ve often wondered tho…

Does being fake really get you anywhere?

losing my job wasn’t the thing that pissed me off…

…but how the things i’ve heard about my old boss was on point.
thank God i listened.

so before they changed my position,
i didn’t see much of my old boss.
once or twice a month.

“we get no complaints about you.
that will help you get hired here.”

…she said.
she tried to play “the victim” within the rumors,
but the high turn over rate was already my first clue.
i kept it friendly,
but i’ve learned over the years to keep a safe distance.
once i was moved and thrown into that jackal den,
everything started to make perfect sense.
imagine if i would have thrown my co workers under the bus?
by being fake with my old boss so i could get that job?

i left there with the right alliances.
i might not hear from most of them again,
but i won’t have to duck if we see each other in public.
i’ve seen the end results of others being fake:

(ra)coons kissing white tail and getting fired/replaced
fake “friends” going on the wrong team and getting burned
wolves choosing someone else and getting outed heavy
companies that fired/let me go end up in ruin
jackals who threw shade at me getting a whole tree on them

i’ve seen few win,
but i’ve seen many lose.
i mean,
it’s life.
for some,
being fake is how they’ve gotten to where to be.
that’s all they know how to do.
others didn’t and still got to where they need to be.
i kinda think it’s how someone enters a situation.
if you start out being fake,
you gotta keep that same energy all the way though.
once you play the “i’m cool but i switch tf up” shit…

folks in power can sniff that shit out too.
it has a particular stink to it.
they use that fool to do their dirty work and “trap door” em.
this is why i (and the rest of us) like an upfront bitch.
i know what i’m getting.

lowkey: have you noticed the ones who are…

say how they feel
do what they want

…make it even further?
i’ve seen those types make it for whatever reason.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “well don’t be a (fake) bitch about it”

  1. Unfortunately, being fake can get you somewhere. Take a quick look at Instagram and all the static shots capturing a moment in that person’s life. However, that somewhere may not be the highlight in life though.

    I can smell (see)a fake person right off the bat. I’ve recognized ” doors behind closed doors bi**he’s”, fake thugs (I call them Rent-a-Thugs), messy backstabbers, racists and the like.

    Not much to say about fake people except they get what they deserve in this life….hard to say if things will be in their favor in the next one though.

    1. ^a huge sign i’ve noticed:

      1) if there is constant revolving door with people in that person’s life

      it’s one thing to be antisocial,
      or being an introvert,
      but it’s another to constantly having a fall out with random folks every couple of months.
      like you meet em and y’all fighting by month 3.
      no one ever misses them or comes back.

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