well don’t be a (fake) bitch about it

i like my bitches to be upfront with their bitchery.
male or female.
i respect a real bitch.
nothing worst than a fake bitch being in disguise as:

a “good” person
that “cool” person
that “chill” family member
my “cool ass” foxholer
the “we connected” wolf

…so on and so forth.
i’ve often wondered tho…

Does being fake really get you anywhere?

losing my job wasn’t the thing that pissed me off…

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The “B” Word

tumblr_mtkivgAsze1rd87cbo1_500i been in a funky mood as of late.
things been real “blah” in my world.
from this idiot temp i’m training,
my mouth issue,
which has finally started going down tremendously,
and just feeling aggravated as of late.
its been a busy week.
jamari fox has been in a real “b” word.
everyone has noticed.
i’m sure you have.
last night i came in after a long day and crashed.
i was extremely tired.
well work wolf hit me up and asked me if i wanted to chill tonight.

“where u at?”
“u ok?”
“jamari u okay?”

after 3 hours of deciding,
i replied that i was down to go out.
it was pouring,
and cold as fuck
but why not?…
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Don’t Take Me Being Nice For Weakness

tumblr_mfc1hnEA9p1rs4vzjo1_500i’m starting to realize that…
one of the greatest weapons you can posses is being nice.
you read right.
i’m actually saying this.
for a long time,
i thought being “the asshole” was better.
you know those types.
i’ve witnessed people bowing down to those who were mean and nasty.
its hard not to think you have to become that to gain respect.
well guess what?
it takes experiencing something to see that it’s not what you want…
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You’re Screwing With The Wrong Person

tumblr_mhj3j67iEF1qaruxco1_500i’m not gonna lie.
that incident yesterday has me absolutely sick.
i went to sleep thinking about it.
woke up just the same.
it takes shit like this to bring a person back into reality.
lets you know every smiling face isn’t attached to a genuine spirit.
some people have learned to perfect their masks perfectly.
once you start climbing up the ladder,
it invokes a jealously in people that allows them to show their true colors.
“if one bitch was scheming on me,
who else is?”
tumblr_m6jbirDd3S1qi86x2o1_500i had to ask myself that day after.
nearly sabotaged.
almost fired.
i was watching reruns of “girlfriends” of bet when i called a close friend for advice.
this is what was said…
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Look Bitch!

bitch__wallpaper__by_hardii-d59s5zv last night’s scandal completely blew me away.
i want to focus on the one thing that gave me the inspiration to write this.
if you haven’t watched it yet,
watch it ( x here ).
if you have then…
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I Got More Where That Came From (IDGAF)

tumblr_m4xntsLb691r02o0go1_400“well you should at least be somewhat over it by now.”

say the fuck what?
when i say i cussed my “friend” the fuck out last night?
all while listening to “take me to the king” on repeat.
he had to hang up the phone on me.
i called back and it went to voice mail.

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