You’re Screwing With The Wrong Person

tumblr_mhj3j67iEF1qaruxco1_500i’m not gonna lie.
that incident yesterday has me absolutely sick.
i went to sleep thinking about it.
woke up just the same.
it takes shit like this to bring a person back into reality.
lets you know every smiling face isn’t attached to a genuine spirit.
some people have learned to perfect their masks perfectly.
once you start climbing up the ladder,
it invokes a jealously in people that allows them to show their true colors.
“if one bitch was scheming on me,
who else is?”
tumblr_m6jbirDd3S1qi86x2o1_500i had to ask myself that day after.
nearly sabotaged.
almost fired.
i was watching reruns of “girlfriends” of bet when i called a close friend for advice.
this is what was said…

“you need to understand something jamari.
you cannot trust anyone at your job.
hell you can’t trust people anymore period.
you don’t know who is plotting against you.
i know you didn’t ’trust’ these people,
but you thought they would be different from your last job.
not always the case.
even your boss can try to cut your throat if she needs to.
you already experienced that.
you came in this new job,
 became the new “it” boy,
and it made bitches nervous.
what if you had befriended that bitch?
she would had more ammunition to not only cut you,
but blow you out the water.
you don’t work at some rinky dink job either.
you work at a great company with a whole new cast of advanced players.
my advice is go to work,
dot your “i”s and cross your “t”s,
be back from everything a minute before,
and keep the contact to a minimum.
you are there to rebuild your life.
you are not there to make friends.
learn to stand alone.
be thankful this happened.
  the grass was cut and the snakes came out.
now you need to show these people who you are.”

giphy giphy-1thanks.
i guess i slipped.
i started to get comfortable.
the “you are amazing” acted like a venom that slowly poisoned my mind.
“don’t fall victim to compliments.
read their actions.”
i forgot all the dragons ive had to slay over the years.
i just don’t like people lying on me.
making up stories to feed their own insecurities.
i should have known better tho.
this a dog eat dog world.
too bad for them,
i’m the fox waiting in the shadows getting ready to sneak past.
all eyes are now open.
lowkey: who knows if that security guard knows her.
they are playing like they “don’t” know each other,
when in fact that could be her cousin/brother/baby mama sista husband brother.
its not like i haven’t been in that situation before.

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18 thoughts on “You’re Screwing With The Wrong Person”

  1. I feel that when it comes to the workplace, balance is key. I definitely agree that keeping coworkers at arms length is a good way to protect yourself. However, you still have to maintain a semblance of cordiality, because you have to work with those people every day. I am very friendly at work, even with those I don’t particularly care for, because I need to work with them on a daily basis. I also may need a favor every now and then. It is possible to be friendly, but also not too personally involved. I don’t think you could have handled the situation any better. It doesn’t sound like this girl way really in your circle.The important thing is that you had back up emails and were able to cover yourself. Be on alert, but don’t let it spoil any good relationships at work that could benefit your career. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think there is a such thing as being too aloof and suspicious. I’ve been guilty of that in both my work life and personal life. Sure it has protected me from some undesirable people, but it also has spoiled relationships that could have been beneficial. All I am saying is balance, my friend.

    1. ^thanks sam.
      i appreciate the comment.
      i agree with what you said.
      i’m not gonna stop being nice to the bitch,
      but “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.
      since she had the audacity to involve in me her drama.

  2. ^Cappycorn…I could not agree more! I am cordial to everyone, but I have VERY FEW that I consider “close” in the workplace. Many of the co-workers I work alongside will look you dead in the face and not utter a word, but when they want something they want to be all friendly. I don’t play that. If any of those individuals come to me for anything, I stop them before the BS begins and ask them straight up…what is it that you need. I limit any interaction with them…as much as possible. They know it, and I could care less. There are many people that will try to throw you under the bus because of their insecurities and shortcomings, but as long as you cover your ass with documentation and notes…you will be fine. Bosses included! I’ve had supervisors who’ve told me to do one thing, and then turn around and question why I did it. When they say “I never told you to” I bust out my “evidence” (lol) and I will tell them, well this email or the meeting on (give the date) says otherwise. Many of them have a look on their face like oh shit, I gotta watch myself with this one. LOL
    You’re there to gain as much knowledge as you can, earn a paycheck in the process, and move on. That’s how I look at a job. Nothing more, nothing less.

  3. Crying. I completely agree and you just never know who to trust. After seven years of relationship it ended over something so small. Then a friend/coworker who i trust betray me and talk smack about me like we were never nothing put this fire in me to start standing alone.

  4. The friend gave you perfect advice. I’d also advise you to not listen to their workplace drama either. If they’re having problems with a coworker they’re fucking, I’d tell them to just keep it to themselves.

    I remember being shocked at this woman on the first day of my job telling all of us new hires that she was going through a divorce and custody battle with her soon to be ex-husband. We really didn’t need to know. That information benefited us in no way.

    People really need to stop letting their personal drama affect their job. Something is very wrong if it’s going that far into their life.

    1. Also, remember Jamari, you didn’t go through the past few years struggling mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially, only to let some cunt fuck it all up for you.

      Don’t trust any of them, rebuke that bitch in the name of Jesus Christ, and pray that none of those cunts come between you and your job(blessing) again.

      All you have to do is read your past blog posts, then you’ll be like “Nary not one of these cunts are making me go back to that place of being.” I’ll pray for you because I don’t want you to go back to that. I know what it’s like to be unhappy then happy and then back to that dark depressive state feeling like there’s no way out. I’d be plotting a murder if I knew one person fucked up my happiness.

      1. ^you speaking truth zen.
        you are speaking a lot of truth along with everyone else.
        thanks because shit fucked me up.
        i just went off about to my barber lol
        he told me be the asshole and get that respect.
        I’ll do that when I’m NOT in probation.

  5. You know who you should be like Diahann Carroll from Dynasty. “Oh, this champagne is burnt.” Classy, elegant, and a bastard all in one. Yea nice nasty to that woman and if she ever needs your help just say yes to her, then go to your boss and ask if she needs anything so that you can used that as a safety card when that woman comes to you angry and had to do the work by herself.

  6. Glad you learned from this man. Everyone is only looking out for themselves in this world. You should be careful if you still want pursue that security guard tho.

  7. Same thing happened to me some years ago. Was looking to go into a different department (area of promotion/advanced opportunity) when my boss in the department I was working in got a hold of the executive members of that department and told them I would not be a good candidate because I was “Bi-Polar.” So because of that malicious, outright defamation of my character, I was not given a second look, all because she wanted to keep me tied to her and her incompetency as a manager who only looked good when others were doing her work for her, as opposed to the other way around. But the advice given to you was very powerful and now it’s up to you to make that power a positive force for continued success above and beyond the fray that looks to make you their next prey.

  8. Lol ok Jamari! I don’t think the security wolf knows ol girl. But you never know, just keep it cool and smile. I FUCK WITH NO ONE AT WORK. It’s a place of business I’m not there for friendship.

  9. I just wanna drag her one good time. You have to be nice-nasty in the work environment, cuz people will turn on you in a heartbeat. Anywho, keep your head up and your eyes on the prize.

  10. If you hold beliefs that no one can be trusted and everyone is out for themselves… Then guess what’s going to manifest? It might be time to come at this situation differently than you would have before. Put a different perspective on the situation. Going back into hold habits and old ways of thinking (Is everyone out to get me!?) will bring about what you’ve always gotten. We have made this “no one can be trusted” and “I’m only looking out for myself” theme into a trend. Its all over social media and people are practicing it and in turn, whether consciously or unconsciously, becoming the very people who they claim to be avoiding. If that is the type of energy you wish to put out to the world and in turn bring about into your own reality than so be it. But you cannot get upset when people who cannot be trusted continue to come into your life time and time again. Or if you engage in distant, isolating behavior, or is psuedo-friendly, empty kindness… you cannot be surprised when you end up alone and connectionless.

  11. There may be an additional lesson/ reminder here. This was a close call. Sometimes, the muthafukas win. Use the good times to build a financial cushion in case you need to be out suddenly. It is far easier and less risky to make friends at work when you have 6 months living expenses stashed away.

  12. Im self employed now but I do remember when I used to have a job. Any one asked me personal questions I would say unemotionally “I don’t answer personal questions” then walk away calmly

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