Dreaming Of My Star Again

largethe scene: a beach resort.
that is how the dream started last night…
it was bright because the sun was beaming.
i also could feel the breeze against my skin.
i felt happy because i fell  asleep with A LOT on my mind last night.
the dream had various scenes of me doing various things alone.
swimming in some underwater cavern or laying on the beach.
next minute i was looking up at a ceiling,
with my hands in some wolf’s drawz as he laid on top of me.
my legs were wrapped around his waist and he was suckin’ on my neck.
he looked a lot like jamie foxx.
someone i’m so/so attracted too.
either way,
i guess i was finally getting some much needed pipe.
giphythat scene cut off and in the next,
i was standing in a hall way about to go down this water slide.
the part that bugged me out is when star fox walked in the room.
he had a mohawk on his head,
was a little bigger in weight,
and he glowed.
i couldn’t see his face,
but i knew it was him.
i screamed out and ran to hug him.
he hugged me back.
it felt so real that i started crying in front of him.
suddenly we were outside in a golf cart taking a ride.
i told him how much i missed him.
i remember telling him that i have been so lonely and i have no one to talk to.
i told him how hard it has been since he died.
he started crying as he sat next to me.
i asked him:

“so whats it like where you’ve been?”

he actually spoke back to me.
he said:

“i’ve been trying to make you famous.”

…and then i replied:

“why would you be trying to make me famous?
shouldn’t you be making yourself famous?”

he didn’t respond,
but my alarm clock went off and woke me up.
i started to cry as i sat up in bed.
was i in heaven briefly?
i did feel like he visited me last night.
i have been thinking about him a lot lately.
its no coincidence last week i saw some dude on the train who looked EXACTLY like him.
crazy part he was wearing a sweater that star fox had as well.
fucked my mind all the way up.
maybe he is around me and this is his way of letting me know?
i dunno.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Dreaming Of My Star Again”

  1. wow this made me teary eyed reading this…i think sometimes we can make such a deep connection with someone on this Earth that when that person leaves us they never depart from us. i feel like he’s still there, a remnant of his legacy and life still remains in you…i believe we can be reached by our loved ones through little things and etc…he’s probably your guardian angel now….anyways keep living for him , no matter how hard life gets keep living….GOD will handle the rest

  2. ^Jamari…those we love(d) and who truly love(d) us in return are ALWAYS with us in some way, shape, or form when they leave this world. My best friend passed from cancer four years ago, and I miss him dearly. We spoke EVERY DAY, and were TRULY there for one another. It was hard for me to tell another guy that I loved him…but not with him. I meant it. There are instances where I feel his presence in some way, like he’s trying to tell me something. I miss not having him here to talk to in those moments where I’m truly annoyed or bothered by something, as he was my voice of reason, and I was his.
    Hang in there. Your friend is watching over you.

  3. This made me a little sad. I mean, it is very obvious that you still miss him, but he clearly live with you in spirit and probably always will.

    The sex part though of your story though. Jamari you freaky as bro. I was like “DAAAMMNNN”

  4. It is said that our guardian angels visit us and let us know they are here when they sense helplesness and our needs of comfort.

    He wanted tell you to stop worrying and stressing, which is what he’s done in the past, and tell you that everything will be ok.

    It’s going to be a new week, let it go like Elsa in ‘Frozen’ and keep movin

  5. So you can just lucid dream like it’s no problem?

    Yeah, I think he was visiting you and that “famous” may not have meant fame in the earthly sense that we think with paparazzi and signing autographs. He may have meant job-wise as in he was trying to make you more successful in your bosses eyes.

    If you had died, wouldn’t you visit you’re living loved ones in dreams and check on them from time to time? I would.

    He also could’ve meant famous in the sense that he’s preparing a wolf for you hence the Jaimie Fox look-alike. I just looked up famous and one of the definitions is “excellent and satisfying.”

    Psychics always tell people that their former spouses found their next s/o for them. I don’t know why tho. If you’re my man, you better wait until you’re dead, then we can go off somewhere and have ghost sex and I’ll make up for all the missing years.

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