The Dominican Wolf Cums Through (As Told Through BS)

tumblr_lzrianC05T1qhmuskso the dominican wolf just left my crib.
yeahhhhhhhh buddy…

gifney23…and it is NOT how i wanted.
so i got a text with a confirm of him coming through around 6 or so.
i decided to clean up a little,
clean up inside me,
and get myself ready for what may be a intimate evening.
hell my body needed this.
i played a nice station on spotify in the background of some mellow hip hop.
after a couple text convos with a very mysterious “i have to show you when i get there”,
laced with smiley face emojis,
i knew something epic was going to happen.
or at least i prayed.
gifney8when he arrived at my door,
he had on a fitted white t,
fitted jeans,
a fitted,
and some jordan 6 infrareds.
i couldn’t take my eyes off his chest and arms.
i did not realize he was packing all that meat under his work uniform.
when he saw me,
a smile was plastered up on his face.
i like smiles.
before i could invite him in,
i saw this shadow next to him moving around.
“what the…?”
before i could finish the sentence,
another wolf popped out from next to him.


am i about to get gang banged?” i said to myself.

dominican wolf introduced him as his “business partner”.
oh that’s not all.
oh no.
there were two other wolves also standing in the hall as well.
am i about to get raped?” i said,
internally screaming.

the two others were his other business partners.
uh huh.
they were not attractive period.
so we sat on my couch and made some small talk.
the two who came in last got up,
pulled something out a bag,
and pulled it open.


confusion all over my face.
well basically they are all part of this thing called “worldventures” aka “dreamtrips”.
basically its this thing that you join,
where you pay like 160 dollars up front and every month is 61 dollars,
and you recruit people to join so the company can wave your fees.
you get discounted rates off booking trips to various states/countries.
each one of them tried to lure me into it with personal stories.
not one has actually been on a trip yet.
just had to put that out there.
they showed me a slide show and a video of people frolicking on the beach,
jumping on hotel beds,
some climbing mountains,
while screaming…


while this was happening,
dominincan wolf had a huge smile across his face.
i looked like i wanted to call the police for assault with false advertisement.
when i declined to join,
the business parter got aggressive.
he claimed he quit his job and is now going to live off what he is making.
the dominican wolf said he put in his two weeks to also live off this new found lifestyle.
the other two flunkies said something i wasn’t paying attention to care.

“yeah i’m okay.” i said, obviously over it.

how could you not want to join!
do you not want to travel the world?
you want to be a slave to that job, huh?
i understand.” the business partner said.

you getting real fresh in my crib.
well what he didn’t realize is while the video was playing,
i googled this so called business.
one of which they wanted my account info upfront.
well it turns out this is one big ponzi scheme where people solicit you to join.
they only make money when people join.
definitely wasn’t interested.

after a ton of back and forth about nothing,
no penis from the dominican wolf,
 my patience flying out the window,
i kindly thanked them and showed them to the door.brit-feelingsyeah.
not thrilled.
was he only smiling in my face to recruit me in his cult?
i should have charged them for each glass of soda wasting my damn time.

read what i read about this “dreamtrips” thing: here

join at your own risk.
i won’t be.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “The Dominican Wolf Cums Through (As Told Through BS)”

      1. Well maybe you should give it some time.
        It kinda remind me of Noah Arc, and if it is then maybe your ass will finally get stuffed.

  1. So, did u meet the Dominican on grinder/jackd, was he someone u knew for a while, what did he look like, his body type??? We’re going to need more details on this almost hookup

  2. Sounds like that herbalife shit. I guess people don’t want careers anymore and just want some get rich quick scheme. Which is exactly what it is, a scheme.

    Tsk tsk…

    I still think the security wolf has an interest in you besides trying to scam you. He just doesn’t have his priorities straight. Wow tho. I hate when people just invite themselves. He could’ve at least warned you. What a cunt move.

      1. You have a right to be pissed. It’s bad enough(for me) when family and friends show up out of the blue without a warning. I can’t imagine 3 dudes I don’t know showing up at my door trying to Bogart me into doing something. Especially after I was only expecting a nice hang-out with one interesting wolf. That’s probably not the first time the security wolf has done that. He must be clueless when it comes to social interactions.

        At first, I thought you were gonna say he brought a girlfriend over. Now that he’s done this tho, you shouldn’t be surprised if he does.

        I have a cousin that just brings his (dad’s side of the)family and friends over out of nowhere. Shit is awkward and uncalled for.

        The Dominican wolf should’ve at least given you the D first. You probably would’ve thought about it more. lol

  3. Why are you living my life Twin? Can I say I got approached by this cute white boy about the Same pyramid scheme at work? He was talking about leaving his job and now like a little worker bee for this guy who is a supposed millionaire yet he was wearing this too little shirt when I met him. He began to tell me about how he has all this money in the bank from not working And how much he makes more than me. He was talking about how the Lord doesnt want us to work but inherit. He came off greedy as can be and needed my money to do whatever he was tryin.

    1. ^twin!
      they basically live off YOU and whoever they recruit.
      they go about it like con artists.
      i felt uncomfortable with how aggressive they were.
      plus I was outnumbered in my apartment.
      i was def not interested by the cockiness alone.

  4. This sounds like something off a tv show or something. You got all ready for nothing. I would have been pissed off.

  5. I didn’t realize the security guard and the Dominican wolf was the same guy.You did all that”cleaning” for naught.LMAO
    Im confused do all four of them go to every potential partner’s crib? Somebody tried to recruit me for a Ponzi scheme/multi level marketing but we met at hotel .There were about fifty of us.

    Also doesn’t this guy know you just started working? You don’t have any money to invest right now.BTW the lady who invited me to that Ponzi scheme has been shady since I told her no thanks.

    1. ^they were ready to get my account number that instant y!!!
      I’ve seen that “wish you were here” banner all over the place,
      but i didn’t know what it was.
      i don’t want to do it,
      But the “business partner” was saying these jobs are dead ends and I’ll be my own boss doing this.
      everyone was cosigning but again,
      no one has even gone on a trip yet.

  6. I’ve been reading the blog for perhaps a few months, and you seem to fall very hard very easily.

    I don’t want to come off as judgmental or anything, but it seems like you are already thinking about getting dicked down instead of first trying to understand the intent of these guys’ interaction with you.

    I think with enough patience and faith, I think the guy you’ve been looking for will eventually fall on your lap. No need to force it.

  7. I am dying with laughter over here. Chaysus Christ. LOLOLOLOL. U thought you were about to get it poplin and he gave you a sales pitch.

  8. If you see him again…let him know that he should have had the common courtesy to let YOU know that he was bringing people to your home with him!
    Who knows…you might get some apologetic kissing or dick in the process! LOL

  9. This came about because there was something going on in your vibration. Same as what happened to you at work. You manifested these things through your thoughts somewhere along the way. You can clean it up though.

  10. Yikes! wtf that sounds crazy, and for him to bring over 3 other dudes that situation could have went from zero to sixty dangerous real fast . Please be safter . Why does it seem to be the fine ones that are crazy as shit . Smh

  11. Glad you weren’t hurt, Jamari. Three strange dudes showing up uninvited and unexpected was not good. Think you now have the answer about the Dominican. Seems like he was “cultivating/ setting you up all the time for something like this.

  12. this reminds me of what some of friends were trying to get me to dign ujp for, this product called wakeupnow stays on my timeline and people are always saying they made money but none can actually tell me what is nor what it entails…

  13. Whats up J, been out of commission due to having to travel for work, dont get to get to the foxhole like I like but being back home for a few days so you know I am catching up with all the missed post, but this right here reminded me of a cute str8 homeboy of mine who tried to get me to join something similar but you saved on your travel, groceries, phone bill etc. I was like no bro, I aint able to right now and this ninja actually caught a attitude with me and started becoming loud and saying the same thing about you need to be your own boss. And I was like thinking to myself, man your ass aint got $2 above the rent. I told him, well when it works out for you, call me bro. I got suckered into Herbalife 2 years ago and never again will I get caught up in these Ponzi schemes, I am glad you were able to get them out of your crib with no drama and hopefully, they will not try to come back and shop at your spot while you are gone. I trust no one in my house who I dont really know. You need to show the Security Guard the door, and keep it short and professional because it sounds like you work with a bunch of damn sharks anyway. Everyone wants to use someone else for their come ups. If you have to do network marketing to sell your product it cost too damn much and unless you get in on the ground floor of scheming people you will never make any money.

  14. Damn, is it the year for Pyramid schemes?

    I was asked to get into one earlier this year for some energy drink, but it was $90 up front and no trips, but BMWs. Sadly, I already have a nice car, so that didn’t impress me.

    Two of my friends have been asked to join one pretty similar. SMH, the economy goes down and niggas come out the wood work with this kinda shit. I know it’s hard to get a job, but damn.

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