I’ll Do It (and I’ll Do It Well)

tumblr_mfsxd4avmk1qc7je5o1_500i’m tired.
sorry i’m late

so i volunteered to work an event tonight at work.
no one wanted to do it so i ended up taking the responsibility.
i was tired and damn near falling asleep at my desk by 3pm.
i was ready to come home and hit the sack,
but i said, “fuck it”.
i’m sure it looked good being new meat as i volunteered my time.
plus that OT money is needed in my wallet.
boy is it needed.

Usinnso i had to organizing tickets for about 400 guests in alphabetical order.
that was fun.
plus i had to print out people who were added last minute.
more fun.
i ended up having to sit downstairs outside one of the conference rooms,
but i wasn’t alone.
i had a pleasant distraction.
the cute night security guard wolf joined me during his 4 to 12 shift.
he started last week.
i couldn’t help but peep him while he was being trained by his supervisor.

“damn he is cute.”

i could not stop looking at his build and trying to figure out if he had a fat ass.
it was his lips tho.
those are what got my attention.
he got the “derek luke” lips going on.

Derek-Luke-1especially with his bottom lip.
when i walked by when he was working,
i noticed he would always be looking in my direction.
i tried to avoid eye contact,
but i ended it tonight by introducing myself.

“hey whats your name again?”

i tried.
his eyes lit up once i broke the ice and saw i was friendly.
from that point on we talked,
and i got to know him better.
he wanted to know if i ever did security.
i told him i was a virgin.
good move jamari.
besides that he is dominican wolf,
lives close to my crib in harlem,
and he just got a car.
his voice is also deep as hell too.
when someone called him and he broke out in spanish,
i nearly exploded.
i just imagined him saying it to me while laying on top of me.
when i was packing up to leave,
he pointed his lips in my direction while giving me the bedroom eyes.

“wait do you want me to kiss you?
my supervisor is behind me.”

tumblr_n10qmg2xSo1rhd3lio1_500before i walked out the door,
he wanted to make sure i knew he was working tomorrow.
my foxy senses is telling me he is something.
shit i could be wrong and he be completely straight,
but at least i’ve made a new friend.

lowkey: they approved a deal for unemployment.
all is right with the world!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I’ll Do It (and I’ll Do It Well)”

  1. Personally I don’t mess with my coworkers but in this case go get it. Wear some tight slacks and notice if he looks at your ass

  2. A “completely” straight Dominican wolf? Tuh.

    That’s like an ugly Carlos (I don’t know any unattractive men named Carlos) or a light skin woman named Nadine (Nadines always are dark chocolate for some reason) these things simply do not exist.

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